Tony TNT said on his CC that: Mr IQD sent out tweets that the RV already happened” – LIE!!!

Happy Thursday Dinarians,

Well, to my surprise I get a notice from a buddy of mine who happened to listen to Tony TNT Renfrow’s conference call last night (Feb. 26, 2014) on Free Conference Call.


Tony had BLATANTLY LIED (of course what is new?) that I, Mr. IQD was responsible for sending out Tweets that the RV HAS Happened and that is what has BOTHERED HIM!!!….  Bothered Him, really?

LINK To The Call:

Skip to time mark at 2:00 minutes, then start to play. He will talk about Mr. IQD, Baghdad Invest and Mike Diston as working together.   At roughly 2:44 seconds you will hear him specifically say that I / we (Baghdad Invest & Mike Diston) tweeted out that the RV already happened.

Let me make sure you all are 100% clear – I work alone.  I have friends in this community, but I am in no way related to Mike Diston, or Baghdad Invest.  They operate and conduct themselves in their own manor.  Sometimes I repost their content – however, most of the time I do not.  

I would NEVER repost anyone’s content which FALSELY calls an “RV”!  

How in the world can you continue to believe a man who tells you lies constantly?

Listen, I get it, I want the RV to happen “yesterday” also!  Like you my friend having the RV “today” would solve many of my financial challenges, and allow me to quit my full time job and tell my idiot boss to go “stick it where the Sun don’t shine!”  

Did You Know That Mr. IQD used to be a Premium PTR Member?

I get it, I live the same pain you live.  But, why do you want some jerk to lie to you to get your hopes up each and every other day?  

I used to listen and admire Tony and Dan back in their earlier PTR days (years before their “Divorce”).  

I used to pay extra for PTR Premium, so I could stay in the “Intel loop” besides just reading the Iraqi News.  

Heck, I even paid for their San Francisco “Event” (I got the tickets, etc).  

Friend, please wake up, do yourself a favor and read the news, listen to Conference Calls that reads the Iraqi News.  

Base your emotions on facts – not fallacy and fantasy!

Three years ago Tony TNT DID NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS and TODAY he still is eating his hot dogs, smoking his cigars and making fools of newbies in our Community!

Whenever I get word that the “RV Happened” – I always first FACT CHECK that information against the Official website for the Bank of Iraq – and as of today, the rate is unfortunately still the same, and no “RV” (or significant increase in value of the IQD) has occurred!

In a million years I never thought a Hack Guru would be so stupid to make such a BOLD lie, and what is worse is that many of his sheeple are not taking the time to FACT CHECK and they are blindly following and believing every damn lie out of his filthy mouth.  

Feel Free to Scan all the years of my Tweets!

Here is my Twitter handle if you don’t already have it: @MrIQD – for nearly 2 years now – I never once tweeted that the RV Happened!!!

~ Mr. IQD






3 thoughts on “Tony TNT said on his CC that: Mr IQD sent out tweets that the RV already happened” – LIE!!!

  1. You do know why he’s resorted to going on the offensive! because we are getting his back up which is only a good thing in my book. So he resorts to the only thing he knows lying period and true to form making claims he can’t back up. We all know you haven’t called anything other than calling out scum bags for what they are. I also believe we and others like us are affecting his income with more and more discovering he’s a con man. Can a good thing,


  2. Ha, ha, ha. Tony lies? Anyone with even half a brain knows this. The guys has called it every single day since last June.The more proper question would be, has he ever, even once, told the truth? Answer-no. You’d think his attorney would be telling him to shut the f up since his trail will be starting soon and more fraud is not a good thing to mention in a trail about, well, fraud.


    • I agree Brad, you would think Tony’s Attorney would be greatly concerned.

      What surprised me is just how openly and bold faced his lie was on his Conference Call – anyone with 2 brain cells could have easily gone to my Twitter account and checked my Tweet History to know that Tony was telling them a Fib!!!


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