RANT! (Part 1 of 2) Snoopy sniffs out dirt on the Hack Gurus!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians!

Wow, yesterday’s post from Southern Shaker must have stirred up some real fury among many of our Dinarian friends, maybe even you too?

Well, it would seem that our friend Snoopy has something to share, and asked that I publish it in a two-part series.  Today will be the first part, and tomorrow will be the second part of Snoopy’s Rant!  So, without further adooooooooo……


Mr. IQD, I know you and others who read this will say, wow another “LONG-WINDED” thesis by Snoopy, but as you know, sometimes it is just not that easy to convey ones thoughts in just a mere sentence or two. Also, there has and continues to be way too much “running at the mouth” syndrome by these “Hack” Gurus to just sit back and say nothing. There are so many of them that to single any one individual out among a sea of sharks would be futile. Reading many of the Rants from Mr. IQD and similar web sites should give one an idea of just whom these “Hack” Gurus are!

I have over 30 years of investment experience, some good and some not so good. Since the early 1900’s, my family’s business interests have been in the investment arena (Real Estate, Equities, numerous World-wide businesses, etc.), so having had the opportunity to grow and learn from my family regarding investments, has provided me with knowledge and some insights that most wouldn’t have. Let me make this next statement very clear; “I AM NOT PROCLAIMING MYSELF AS AN INVESTMENT EXPERT, NOR AM I A GURU”!

My background has been more general in scope and I feel one has to have earned the right by achieving untold success in one particular field to be called an EXPERT or GURU. That is another reason I challenge the title of GURU bestowed so easily to these people who have LITTLE IF “ANY” BACKGROUND in foreign currency, finances, etc. By the way, who gave these people their title of GURU anyway? [umm, that was the Hack Website “DinarGuru” ]

Perhaps my 30 years of experience entitles me to a little more knowledge than most and I was fortunate enough to have heard about and also seen first hand many people types similar to the “Hack” Gurus in just about every facet of investments. Whenever there’s the potential for allot of money to be made, these “low-life’s” emerge from the darkness with one purpose; steal or manipulate what they can from the naïve and gullible, by delivering a constant dose of “HYPE” based upon “RUMOR” made to look like “FACT”.

After all, if these “Hack” Gurus persist with their rhetoric, it must be true, right? Unfortunately, most people will believe anything they hear if it promises them future wealth (allot of money). The need to have money is greater than the lies perpetrated on the “PEEPS”! (Borrowed that word). Truth is irrelevant; it is their silver-tongues, which these types of people use to manipulate their con. Have you noticed over time how these “Hack” Gurus keep changing the storyline just enough to keep their hook baited and the “PEEPS” keep coming back for more?

Southern Shaker, in his/her recent “RANT” depicts the ongoing modifications of these chronological events quite well. I remember probably four or five years ago, the “Hack” Gurus were introducing the idea that the Dinar was going to RV any second at $5, then $8, then $12. Last year we graduated to the high $30’s. Maybe another year or two, we may reach $100. I don’t know about you but I’m going to hold out for that, lol!

I did want to thank Southern Shaker for his recent ‘RANT’. I won’t elaborate on his post, because he did such a good job articulating many of the same thoughts and feelings I’ve also had. He brings out some excellent points that novice investors should enable them in comprehending the fallacies behind the “Hack” Gurus!

Unfortunately, these “Hack” Gurus have had years of practice for which they have fine-tuned their art of deception and lies translating their rhetoric into convincingly arguable thoughts. Many have left a trail of carnage, which is finally starting to surface for the public to see through the legal system just how corrupt many of these “Hack” Gurus really are. Emotions run high between those who see the constant “CON” of these “Hack” Gurus and conversely, their loyal inbred followers who live, breath, eat and sleep with them.

I can’t speak directly about the heart of many of these “Hack” Gurus (that’s for God), but their fruit which they’ve produced should be evidence enough that we should use much caution when it comes to listening to any of them and their so called sources!

During the last several years, I have written to various Dinar web sites numerous times (very SHORT emails….lol) encouraging and asking them to provide a Guru scorecard based upon the accuracy of what all the Gurus report. I’ve asked the web site owners to provide us with something more responsible then just post after post of the Guru “TOXICITY”. If you guessed that none of the web sites responded to my request, you would be right!

We (that is every Dinar owner) deserve the truth and these Gurus should be accountable for what they post, yet they continue to spew their web of deceit without any accountability. Unfortunately, there is no watchdog agency to patrol the posts made by these Gurus; therefore, they are free to post anything and everything they want and conversely, you are free to believe what you want.

[Which is EXACTLY why I started MrIQD.com almost 2 years ago – to help counter those websites who blindly posted Hack Guru garbage – just to sell advertising!]

I would conjecture to say, but unfortunately, I have no proof, that the intent or purpose of most of these “Hack” Gurus is to promote the Dinar and drive people to their “FREE” conference calls and the Dinar dealers who advertise on the web sites. I won’t discuss the “FREE” conference calls as Mr. IQD has done an excellent job of exposing them already [Here is that Post’s link if you missed it].

In the almost eight years I’ve owned Dinar, I’ve only listened to one (1) conference call, and because of the HYPE I was hearing, after about 30 minutes, I hung up. Maybe for some, you need the conference calls to feel connected and confident regarding owning the Dinar. And, I do believe there are some conference calls, which are administered by very legitimate persons, who really do try to provide positive and accurate information. Those would be good ones to participate in. Again, Mr. IQD has provided a list of those. [Here is the link to the list – I highly recommend you listen to The IQD Team with LJ’s Next Step] But for me personally, I’ve chosen not to participate in them.

Possibly, one day when this ride ends, someone or maybe many will write the Attorney General of their respective states and ask the AG’s office to investigate the link between the Dinar dealers, the websites and the Gurus. I think the findings will be enlightening but probably disturbing and frustrating to many. The “Hack” Gurus and others who have falsely passed on information for their own self-gain or edification will one-day harvest those crops they planted.

Mr. IQD, I would like to commend you and your commonsensical pragmatic efforts to bring some sanity to this otherwise carnival like atmosphere of what we have grown to know as the Dinar, Guru and RV (if one can intelligently use those three words in one sentence). Your effort is applauded and very much appreciated. Using ‘facts’ (novel idea) to support one’s opinion transforms mere emotional rhetoric into solid intelligible information.

I also concur with your response to the emails from people asking you the question relating to whether or not to sell their Dinar. It seems that most people bought Dinar because they thought it would be a way to magically turn $1000 into a million over night (or $3 million), or as some of us like to say, the Dinar Lottery! Where did the idea come from that the Dinar will make one an instant millionaire for virtually no money invested?

Did the UST, GOI, IMF, WB, CBI, WF, Chase or even GW Bush ever suggest that owning the Dinar would make you a millionaire, let along a multi-millionaire? Yes, I understand that several years ago, Shabibi said that he would like to see the Dinar regain the value of the past, but he did not state a specific value [nor a “time frame” either].

So mostly it has ONLY been as a result of the “Hack” Gurus and their “FREE” conference calls pushing that novel idea as fact. Therefore, whether to sell one’s Dinar, is, I believe NOT a question that anyone other than the person asking the question can truthfully answer, or should answer!

I wonder how many asked you or any reputable financial adviser before purchasing the Dinar? How many continue to buy Dinar on the Dinar Dealers novel “RESERVE” program? I do not agree with the program, but everyone is free to make up his or her mind on that subject.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the exciting second-part to Snoopy’s Rant!

If you need to sound off, but don’t have that much to say, just use the comment form below!  

~ Mr. IQD


5 thoughts on “RANT! (Part 1 of 2) Snoopy sniffs out dirt on the Hack Gurus!

  1. Enjoyed the rant. People like TonyTNT and People’s Talk Radio have taken this to a whole new level as far as what I term con art.

    Tony is more of a clown and I only grimace at the peeps who are still following him now that he’s had his own site since July and has called it daily since then. How stupid do you have to be?

    PTR (People’s Talk Radio) never actually says it’s going to occur tomorrow, they just use windows and tell everyone how close it is. The anatomy of one of their calls: There is a lot going on, money is being moved around (don’t banks always move money around?), there’s no negative news out there (my personal fav), and we’re on top of this. Only problem, Dan and Gary have now been claiming we’re on top of this for two solid years now. How much more “on top” do you have to be?

    Normally, I may feel a bit sorry for some of these people. When you have such overwhelming evidence that these guys are total fakes and pretty much write and say the same thing month in and month out, you have to be very stupid to continue to follow and believe these cons. I’ve had friends who have told me not to tell them any more facts because it ruins their day to hear the facts. I guess they think by sticking their head in in the sand it will make the RV occur. They just want to believe so bad they ignore common sense and what is in front of them. Sad, sad, sad.


    • Kate:

      Thanks for your response. You hit the nail on the head in your third paragraph when you exposed the “stupid”, (I was going to use “asinine” but thought I’d tame it down a little) cliches’ these “Hack” gurus are so fond of trying to show you and I just how intelligent and connected they are.
      You are correct that there is ALWAYS “allot” of money moving around! That’s part of the banking industry and how commerce works. $Billions and $Billions of dollars are moved around the world each and every day.
      Another fallacy you mentioned is when they state that they are on “TOP” of this. Top of what? If they are referring to the Dinar and RV, there isn’t ONE SINGLE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION that fully understands what is going on. I have several friends who are Presidents in a number of Banks and several, which are on the Board of Directors of Banks and yet not one of them knows what is internally happening with the CBI or UST or Dinar regarding any new value. They know about the Dinar, (but then again, with all the impatience of people who call the banks every day to see if the grass is growing (sic) who wouldn’t know about the Dinar). Believe it or not, (being sarcastic but not at you) these bankers have political contacts too, which know about the Dinar but none of them have been given any advance information on the rate, date, viability, CBI, Maliki, Turki, Shabibi or anything else related to the Dinar. These “Hack” gurus want to convince you and I that they have sources from the 3-letter agencies and in Iraq that knows EVERYTHING that is happening. Unless the information is coming directly from the top echelon of the CBI or UST, it AIN’T happening.
      Another favorite of mine, which you didn’t mention in your reply, is the number of times a certain “Hack” guru has stated: “I just got notification that all call center and cash center personnel have been notified to report to work”.!!! These people get paid to report to work every day not just when this “Hack” guru reports it, making it sound like he knows something we don’t! Incredible as it may be, these type of statements that the “Hack” gurus post are 100% accurate, yet how can that be? Because they have absolutely NOTHING to do with the RV, but are TRUE statements which apply to banking and commerce EACH AND EVERY DAY.
      These “Hack” gurus twist the interpretation to fit peddling their “HYPE” and convince the masses that they are the bonafide guru who really KNOWS what’s going on. If you don’t believe it, just ask them! This is why it is so easy for these “Hack” gurus to sell snow to an Eskimo! Thanks again Kate….. Snoopy! Don’t forget to read my 2nd part tomorrow!


  2. Life is good. I read your RANTS for entertainment & “education”. I chuckle and smile and truly enjoy reading all of the “smarty pants” giving their explanations, observations and opinions of Guru, Hackers, Pumpers, etc. AND “I just want you guys to know” a/k/a “just so you guys know, too”, I listen to TNT TONY & his group of Gurus!!!!! Again, all for entertainment & “education”, (just so you know). Haha. IMO: EVERYONE can enjoy the RV ride even when it appears to be clusters of circles of never-ending stories; follow the “reporters” with the facts you can believe and stay on the RV ride or jump off.


    • Thanks Dixie, I love your positive attitude and you are exactly correct, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Believe it or not, someday the ride will be over and hopefully most of us will look back on it with a smile. Yes, “life is good”!


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