Kaperoni’s Attorney Friend Gives Legal Update on Tony TNT!

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Well, I checked my Twitter account this morning @MrIQD and yup, still working just fine.  In fact it would appear that I have gained some new followers…..  Thanks Tony!

Well, speaking of Tony TNT Renfrow – Kaperoni has sent over an update on Tony’s Legal “problem” which he received from his Attorney Friend.  

[Kap’s comment to me] From the same attorney that gave us update before…

Tony, You're lookin' kind of smug....

Tony, You’re lookin’ kind of smug….

Normally I would not waste my time with anything that has something to do with TNT Tony. However, his continuing fiction, and causing stress on the people that blindly believe and follow his continuing lies, gave me enough incentive to do a little research on Tony. Here is what has happened thus far in his criminal case.

Anthony Renfrow and Co-Defendant William Fox each had two counts of felony charges filed against them in the US District Court, District of Kansas, sitting in Kansas City. The case was filed April 18, 2012, case number 2:12-cr-20041-CM.

The two felony counts are: Count 1: “Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud and Engaging in Monetary Transactions of More Than $10,000 in Criminally Derived Property”. Count 2: “Wire Fraud.”

The following information was obtained from the court’s docket printed as of February 21, 2014. The entries referenced below are some of the more relevant entries.

Court Docket Entry Number 5. (5-30-12)
Tony submited his sworn “Financial Affidavit”. The purpose of the affidavit would be to represent to the Court that Tony does not have sufficient financial assets to pay for a private attorney.

Entry #8. (5-30-12). The Court appointed the Federal Public Defender’s Office to represent Tony.

After 5-30-12, through October, 2013, there were lots of pleadings filed with the Court, mostly with the parties “jockeying for position”. Nothing of continuing significance happened during that time period.

Entry #35 (9-30-13). Co-Defendent Fox filed a Motion to Continue (postpone) all previously established court deadlines.

Entry #36. (10-1-13). The Court granted Co-Defendent Fox’s Motion to Continue. New deadlines were established by the Court.

Entry #38. (10-3-13). The Court issued another Order extending (postponing) all deadlines. The deadline for all “pretrial” motions was set for 12-9-13. The Pretrial Conference hearing was sest for 1-27-14. As an easy explanation, Pretrial Conference hearings are for the primary purpose of establishing the ground rules for the trial. In Federal Court, a good estimate of when trials will begin is approximately 30 days or so after the Pretrial Conference is held.

Entries #39 & 40. (12-9-13). On the last day permissable for filing for Pretrial Motions, Tony and Fox each filed their own “Motion to Dismiss”, alleging that the Court does not have jurisdiction over them. While I have not had the opportunity to read either of their Motion to Dismiss briefs, because of the timing of when they filed each brief, I suspect the motions were filed for two purposes. The first purpose (goal) was to delay the Pretrial Conference. The second goal would be hopefully to get the Court to dismiss the charges against them. The reason I suspect that the Motions to Dismiss were filed for the primary purpose of delaying the Pretrial Conference, and therefore delaying the trial, is because both attorneys have known, or should have known, their reasoning why the Court does not have jurisdiction since the case was originally filed. If the attorneys were convinced that they had good, solid reasons why the Court should dismiss the
charges, they would have filed the Motions near the beginning of the case, and not on the last day that the Motions were permissable to be filed, which was approximately a year and a half after the case was originally filed.

Entry #41 (12-12-13). The Court changed the Pretrial Conference hearing to a “Status Conference” for January 27th. As such, the defense attorneys accomplished their goal of postponing the Pretrial Conference hearing, and thus, no date was set for the trial.

Entry #42 (1-24-14). The Court set the hearing on the two Motions to Dismiss for 3-25-14. The Federal prosecutors have until 3-7-14 to file their Objections to the Motions to Dismiss. Entry 42, entered on 1-24-14, is the last entry that has been entered by the Court as of 2-21-14.

On a side note, according to statistics released by the US Department of Justice, the average percentage of convictions of all criminal cases filed in federal courts throughout the USA is higher than 90%.


So for those of you who think that I, Mr. IQD am “scum” and other more severe words (read the latest “1 sentence” letter in my Mail Bag) for bashing Hack Gurus (like Tony and Okie and the others) well, take a look at what your “Saint” Tony TNT is facing.  

BTW, if you missed the first Post we made from Kaperoni’s Attorney friend, click here to read it.

Have an awesome day!

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3 thoughts on “Kaperoni’s Attorney Friend Gives Legal Update on Tony TNT!

  1. Tony does not have sufficient financial assets to pay for a private attorney. No he doesn’t because it’s hidden stashed away somewhere from what I read it’s in his daughters name pay/pal account. Then it would most likely get transferred to an alias account withdrawn in cash then back to him. almost legal laundering using banks, Conjecture on my part I’ve seen enough American greed shows to know how theses con men operate. Of course there’s more elaborate ways to do it but the principle’s the same may be the feds should look into that before the case starts first hearing. It’s not right the taxpayer and I’m not including him in that he’s probably pulling the con game there too should pay for the defense of a person that coned the public in the first place. We can all take pleasure in that after this conviction hopefully! He’s got one last chance at bat he’ll screw that up it’s not in his nature to stop get a Job stand up and be a regular normal human being.


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