Southern Shaker Tips Off Smoky to Okie Oil Man!

Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

Our good ol’ buddy Southern Shaker has alerted Smoky about another one of our Fav Hack Gurus in this community – maybe you’ve also heard of Okie Oil Man?


Here is the copy of the letter correspondence that Southern Shaker sent to Smoky, and the reply back….  Lonnie buddy, when you are not flyin’ high – you’d better be checking your ground speed and rear view mirror!  

(Note, phone numbers, locations, and names were replaced with pseudonyms for legal purposes. ~ Mr. IQD)

Mr [Southern Shaker],
I did some checking and Freels lives outside my jurisdiction.  I did notify the Sheriff’s Department of Washita County and gave them everything you sent me.  I hope they are able to get him and the others shut down soon.  Thank you for everything you have done to dig this guy up.
Good Luck

[Smoky] BFPD

Hello Officer [Smoky], this is [Southern Shaker] in [City, State]. This Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Scam has became the largest scam in the United States of America. This has been going on for several years now. It is believed that one of the major pumpers is located in your area. Mr Lonnie C. Freels known in the Dinar World as “Okie Oil Man“.
It is suspected he’s tied closly to Anthony aka Tony Renfrow known in the Dinar World as “TNT Tony“. These guys are affilated directly to Dinar Dealers such as Treasury Vault  aka
I’m gonna give you the “GOOD” sites first so you can see who’s who. The good sites are uncovering these scam artist.
Tony Renfrow is a convicted felon already with new fraud/scam charges against him in Kansas City, Kansas Federal District Court currently. This scam in Kansas City, KS is called 14dailyplus. Tony and William “Bill” Fox along with Holton Buggs scammed investors out of $4,825,000.00.
You will have to move around the sites a bit to see who these scumbags are. I’m gonna start by telling you to go to the regular YAHOO search bar and typing in these words, Who is TNT Tony? Game Over. Then after you research this I want you to type in the same search bar NOT address bar, TNT Tony aka Anthony Renfrow is starting to crack.
This will start to show you “WHO” OKIE OIL MAN aka OOM works hand in hand with. These guys are on these sites claiming to have 3 letter agency contacts and claiming a revaulation (RV) of the Iraqi Dinar on a daily bases. The way it works the “PUMPERS” like Tony and Okie pump the people up into buying this USELESS currency promising it to revalue at as high as $36.86 per 1 Dinar.
After going to the two places I showed above I want you to go to this is a site to show who these scumbags REALLY are and uncover their dirty deeds. My “handle” on these sites is “SOUTHERN SHAKER”.  [ Thanks Southern Shaker for the very nice comments about my site, but I can’t do it alone!  🙂 ]
The next GOOD GUYS site is On this site you will see a photo of Lonnie C. Freels aka OKIEOILMAN supposedly from Burns Flat, Oklahoma. The next GOOD GUYS site is you can surf this site and find how these guys make thousands into the millions on this scam. There is a site that you’ll be able to go to from this site called “Iraq Currency Watch” This is a very good site to uncover these scumbags and try to tell the people there’s NO SUCH thing as an Iraqi Dinar Revaluation (RV).  This guy is Marcus Curtis from Tulsa, Oklahoma and a very good person. Another site to show the wrong doing of these guys is This is a GOOD GUYS site too. Also you can see Tony’s court case in FULL from the site.
NOW to the “BAD GUYS” sites.
The first is Once on this site you can read the post by the PUMPERS and you can read the comments of the “sheeplin/peeps”. These people are TOTALLY sucked into each and every word these pumpers post. Each and every word the pumpers post os 101% total lies. When you pull this site up go to BLOG read the recent post then go to FREINDS and pull up OKIE, TONY and others. They are all con artist. Really there’s only about a dozen of these guys they just use different “HANDLES” to make it look like 50 or so “GURUS” as they call themselves.
Then you can go to the next BAD GUYS site which is This is Tony Renfrows personal site. Once here you can click on RADIO BROADCAST known as TONY BLAST and listen to this convicted scam artist felon. It gets funny really. These guys claim to have contacts in FBI, IRS, IMF, UST and CIA!!!! They also claim contacts at 1600 Penn Ave THE WHITE HOUSE!! Tony has one guy called “MR DC” (which is only a voice on the phone) claiming to be the man in the know in Washington DC.
The way these guys make money are like this. The Dinar Dealers pay them a percentage to pump sales, the conference call company pays them percentages of the people they get on the conference calls which is 5,000 plus people per call. There’s an article on
[Article Link Referred To ] explaining this. And of course when this thing finally blows up they sell the email address and names to MLM companies which is also what each one of these guys are, old MLM SCAMMERS!!
TNTDINAR also charges a fee $14.95 per month to go to what they call “the back room chat/forum”. That’s not bad if you have 60,000 members per month. There’s also a “DONATE” button on TNTDINAR. The best I can figure this is how all this works. If I’ve made any wrong accusations it was done in total honesty but I don’t believe I have and I think you won’t either once you spend a little time on these sites.
I hoping the FEDS use the RICO ACT to nail these guys. When they pump this junk weekly people run out and purchase MORE Dinar weekly. On another GOOD GUY site which you can get to from you can read where Tony Renfrow was convicted and served 4 years in Califirnia back in 2002. [This article is on my website with screen-shots: LINK ]
His brother Raymond Anthony Renfrow aka Ray or Rayren is a convicted felon on a HUGE SCAM too, Renfrow Memo and Recommend.pdf Also go to and type in Tony Renfrow in the search.  Just set back and read!! 14dailyplus, 14dailyreloaded, Rent My credit, Midas Touch and MORE!!! All scams!!
This is who OKIE OIL MAN / Lonnie C Freels is partners with. Hope this helps. If this turns out to be a fact concerning Lonnie C. Freels in [City], Oklahoma please let me know. There’s also addresses for Lonnie in [City] and [City], Ok.  Thank You Sir, Southern Shaker, ###-9##-###9 cell phone


Is this a 10-4 good buddy or what???  Who knows what will come of it, but you never know, maybe OOM thought he could lay low and let Tony TNT catch all of the heat from the Authorities, but looks like you may have been caught speeding through Dinar Land! 

~ Mr. IQD




6 thoughts on “Southern Shaker Tips Off Smoky to Okie Oil Man!

  1. I hope Southern Shaker sends the same letter to Federal authorities as well. I don’t believe Okie is friends with any 3 letter agency, but he might be friends with local authorities, in my opinion. That good ole boy support is quite possible. So glad to see this exposure, Shaker, just stay safe!


  2. We should have all gotten together years ago and called ourselves Dinartemplars. after reading I thought may be this site is one they use for the fifty or so fake handles the reason I think this is because handles seem to come from nowhere and even sound made up. some giving sound info but for the most part total BS the site is run by Blanche Bonet and her son. May be totally nothing to do with the renflow group could just be trolling the wed picking up post and reposting but I have notice. If you track down the original post there will inferably be parts missed out or just the good parts reposted.
    The site sells a Dinar Guru Secrets as a monthly member for $47.95 and Dinar Guru Secrets for a single payment of only $143.85 plus dinar information books and dinar currency through affiliate sales.
    so if you new to all this by all means read the posts but don’t buy the membership crap books and especially not the dinar you’ll get it for less from a dealer you find for yourself. that way you don’t pay the extra to the dealer to pay the site’s add owner.

    Just my thoughts on this site let me know what you all think.


    • I would hesitate to “recommend” that website, or any other similar site because why read garbage? Why be tempted to click on their banner ads (which gives them money also)!
      Why suggest a newbie go to that website which may change their offerings and suck them in with some other “new” dinar related program.
      I remember a while back, one site setup a “Free” Dinar Registry, where you could log in all of the serial numbers of your IQD…. Great idea? NO!!!!!
      By going to that site, you had to create a login profile (hopefully people used fake names and emails) and then you proceeded to tell them EXACTLY how much dinar you owned by typing in the value + serial number!

      So, I ask, why make it easier for these dirt-bags to steal from newbie Dinarians?

      But, otherwise, you nailed it on the head with these sites “developing” fake handles in my opinion.


  3. Totally get your point but if newbie dose not discover the traps they learn from here and other sites like it what’s the point! I did not recommend I said buy all means which they are free to do any way better they come by the info here than finding the site without knowledge I then proceeded to instruct what not to do if they do. they’ll most likely come across it any ways at least they’ll have been warned by what I’m saying learn the traps don’t participate was my message. Forgot to add this part then go here no BS what so ever just the facts run by a fellow homie out of England. once you’ve discovered this site and the other good site’s
    Southern Shaker speaks of they’ll discover what’s for the best. Any one with half a brain can see the things being talked about here and Iraq business news refute and put to disgrace anything
    the dinar pumping scammer site’s put out.


    • Yes, I get your point – I had also left the Dinar Guru website in your original comment.

      It does humor me how those websites (Dinar Guru and Dinar Re(C)raps) will NOT give any publicity and WILL suppress / banish any person who tries to add comments (if the post is open to comment) about the website, or a post they recently read about that topic which was published on


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