Campaign To “BAN” MrIQD, Baghdad Invest & Mike Diston on Twitter!

Happy Tuesday Evening Dinarians,

I was just sent the following info by a very loyal friend.  It is a campaign that not only is an effort to SILENCE myself and the other truth crusaders of our community, but it throws mud on the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, which just really pisses me off.  

I’m posting the copy of the message I just received here and now, for you to do with as you please.

In my opinion Hack Gurus, this is a very “Chicken-Shit” way to conduct yourself!!!  To ask your followers and sheeple to believe you blindly and to simply attack those in our community (without question) who are trying to bring truth and honesty to your lies!  Hey Tony TNT – If you are “right” and have “nothing to hide” THEN, I challenge you to repost 100% of this on your website and also provide the direct link to my post!

[5:44:16 PM] etenhue: 😀 from tnt

[5:44:20 PM] etenhue: Something You Should Know



They have been sending out letters and making phone calls and contacting people..all to prevent you from getting any further information because they don’t have enough common sense to realize what is happening so they don’t want you to know what is occurring in this RV process.

They are using the following Twitter names but YOU CAN DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS! …


Please go into TWITTER and click on each name individually

Then Click the GEAR THINGY drop down on the bottom right corner under the black picture box (next to FOLLOW)

REPORT THEM AS SPAM and it will also BLOCK them and Twitter will look at all their comments

If the majority of our members do this…they will investigate them and shut them down the way they are trying to do to us! We have already filed a complaint and started an investigation with the local police and FBI but that takes time!

Please note – if you attempt to mark us as “SPAM” be forewarned that you are attesting (in truth, a.k.a not telling a lie) to Twitter – if you lie to them, they will have the right to shut down YOUR account for FRAUD.  

I will contest every single effort made by those who lie to Twitter, and I’m sure Baghdad Invest and Mike Diston will do the same!  

I have had a very good positive long-term relationship with Twitter.  So, if you want to waste their time, and possibly get BANNED from Twitter yourself, it is a Free Country.

Regarding their comment about the local police and FBI – here is something you should know – I am personal friends with a few people that happen to work in the FBI, and also with my local Law Enforcement where I happen to live.  So, call them – they already know about me, and they are my friends, maybe they will appreciate having their time wasted, and you know how much the FBI loves to have their time wasted!  

Also they say: “…will investigate them and shut them down the way they are trying to do to us!”    I can only speak for myself, not BI or MD – But I want to have those Hack Gurus tell the damn truth to people and stop lying to them – telling them that it will “RV” overnight – each week – each month – each year is despicable!!!  

When people get hurt financially because they don’t pay their bills, or borrow money they can’t afford just to buy Dinar because they BELIEVE YOU when you said it will certainly “RV” by this coming (insert day/week/year here)!!!!  

Then yes, I get pissed off and I friggin’ take it PERSONALLY and don’t want to sit around doing nothing like 95% of the people in our Dinar Community do.  I want to do something about it.  What the heck have you DONE today or yesterday or last week or even last year to HELP OUR DINAR COMMUNITY?  WHAT???!!!!  

Ask yourself – who can you believe?  The idiot Hack Guru who tells you every other day that the Iraqi Dinar is going to revalue and be worth some crazy amount (like $30+ U.S. Dollars) – and EVERY OTHER DAY THAT HACK GURU IS WRONG!!!  Oh, they have creative ways to cover up and perpetuate their lies to you, but my friends, you MUST WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE – THE TRUTH.

~ Mr. IQD


12 thoughts on “Campaign To “BAN” MrIQD, Baghdad Invest & Mike Diston on Twitter!

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  2. Thanks for my morning laugh this morning, Mr.IQD. The thought of Tony and other con men telling their flock “the truth” is highly amusing. This would be the same guy who features people like Okie, with his constant babble for the 2,000th time about how it is here, the DC man, who I imagine has told more lies than any DC politician, and Tony himself, who it has been PROVEN on your own pages how often this guy has lied.

    Hey Tony baloney, if you’re so open to the truth why do you ban people from your site when they mention how many times you’ve called it and been wrong? Why do you have to expunge threads when you disagree with what has been written because it cites facts, instead of opinion?

    The first thing any scammer does is shut down the truth. They are afraid of it. They rely on stupidity and ignorance and thus do not want people shouting the truth about them. Actual facts tend to get in the way of dishonesty.

    There is not one single dinar site out there where people can have an honest discussion of the truth. Not one. Every single one of them will ban you for speaking the truth. People there is a difference between what people say and what they do. And there is a reason why they don’t allow open disucssions anymore and it has nothing to do with being negative, etc.


      • Hey Matt,
        I’m sure Mike will be more than happy to answer you, when he is not too busy crusading against these Hack Gurus, and trying to help people and protect them from being ripped off!


  3. Mr. IQD … the reason he is coming after you is because you are threatening his livelihood. He has always made money off of the backs of those who didn’t know any better and counting on them to stay “blind” to the truth is what he is banking on.
    Sites like yours instill doubt into those who read it which is a direct threat to him and all of the other “hack” guru’s who depend on smoke and mirrors to keep their paid memberships and followers paying on a monthly basis.
    If people finally wake up and realize that these guys have no clue then what happens to that monthly income they have been collecting month after month? The paid memberships to various sites, even if it is only $4-5 or even the commissions they receive from the advertisers on their sites is extremely lucrative and keeps paying the bills for these guys month after month.
    The longer this goes on the longer they don’t have to worry about finding a “real” job.
    Threaten the one thing that keeps them rolling in the dough and you are really opening the proverbial can of worms. You are now hitting them where it is going to hurt them the most and that is something that they won’t stand for. They are all scrambling to try and salvage their “crumbling empires”.
    Sites like yours that contradict what they have been drilling into everyone’s head day after day, month after month, year after year are sites that they need to silence in order to keep up this charade. If everything they have led people to believe is true then why is it so important to try and discredit you or anyone else that shares your views on this matter?
    I think that finally, people are waking up and starting to realize that these so called “guru’s” are not what they have portrayed themselves to be all of this time and THAT is the threat that scares them the most! Instill doubt and things start to unravel slowly until the truth is finally out and they are now, no longer able to railroad those that kept them in the lifestyles that they have been accustomed to all of these years.
    I am grateful to anyone who is willing to stand up for those that are too naive to stand up for themselves.
    Grateful to those that are trying to protect the ones that don’t know any better. It’s a shame that there are not more of the Mr. IQD’s in this world because if there were, these shameless, spineless guys/girls that proclaim themselves as “guru’s” will no longer profit from the lies and deceit that have been the backbone of their lucrative businesses all of these years.
    Don’t they realize that “Karma is a bitch?”
    Well guess what? THAT “bitch” is now surfacing and setting them up for the same type of destruction that they have projected on many innocent and trusting people over the years. They are finally going to reap what they have sown and that is the one thing that you and everyone else like you should be most happy about.
    With you, it’s all about the truth, with them, it’s all about the $$$ and no matter how you slice it, the truth will always prevail one way or another.


      • Imagine Tony going to the FBI to report you! He won’t go near them right now. If he does, he’s certainly some kind of Hybrid Stupid. Just wait until he disappears and no one can find him—unless they are holding his passport. Even then there will be % considering him a martyr, not a thief and fugitive common criminal. He’ done this so long he’s beginning to believe himself.


  4. Great rant MR.IQD, great comments Tracey and Kate. It was you MR.IQD that started my quest for helping to bring Tony Turd down. It was that video of Tony and the pic of Tony with the turd in his mouth that oh yea that’s a conman. I’ve been hounding him since from getting 300 phone numbers from his zombies when he gave out my number to tweeting over 3,500 tweets trying to wake them up. Last night I bloodied him good when the zombies attacked and I attacked back with links to his first convictions and his now indictments. To tell you the truth I think the idiot got you mixed up with since it’s been BI,DM, and I attacking him on twitter lol. Well back to work trying to wake up a couple of more, peace to you.


    • I just posted about how dumb Tony is, on his Conference Call last night he told everyone that I (along with you and BI) tweeted out that the RV had already happened – and that is what bothered him!!! What a blatant lie!!! I suggested to his followers that they FACT CHECK THIS and check all of my Twitter history! Maybe some more will come to realize that Tony is an idiot and a liar!


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