RANT! The “dirt” on Tony TNT and former Partner Dan Atkinson

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,

After almost two years of hosting this MrIQD.com website my hard work and years of effort to expose these scumbag Hack Gurus is paying off.  Early on I was alone in my fight, along with just a few other crusaders like the guys over at Dinar Douchebags who dared to say a negative word about these scum Hack Gurus!


Well, now it is really FUN being us – We have a REALLY AWESOME “Network” of individuals who give their time and efforts to help us “bash” those Hacks!!!

The following RANT! is a combination of the efforts of Brad and Victoria, who put together the info you will read below (Brad actually wrote it, Victoria sent me the research).  


Thanks so much to both of you, and the many others who are now contributing by your comments to posts, and private emails.

The attention has all been on Tony lately. However his former partners, Dan Atkinson and Gary Osborne deserve some scrutiny. I am a current PTR (peoplestalkradio) member who has had my fill of these two con artists.
This pair has been claiming we are close or on top of this RV for a year now. They never name any sources, which they claim are financial guys plugged into the impending RV, other than Abe and Dr. Todd which they admit are not their real names. Of course, they never provide any background either. Is Dr. Todd really a doctor and if so, of what?
Here is what I do know about their sources. So far they have been dead wrong. A couple examples from calls over the past year.
PTR 3-1-13
Dan- “I believe we are extremely close. People close to it say there is no reason for it to take another three days. There is nothing left to be done, but others say the longer it takes the better it is for the infrastructure that keeps this in place.”
Gary- “I think it’s soon. We’re told things are in place and that things can unfold at this point but there are some final pieces…”
4-11-13  Gary-message I have is that they are moving forward and are very serious about it.
PTR 4-12-13
Dan- “Everybody is still talking about moving forward.” Gary- “I think we see a lot of the preparations and I think we are seeing a lot of the deals that are going down to prepare for this.”
PTR 5-21-13   Dan…31:43 on the tape “I honestly believe we are in the throes of this should be over. The twenty second is a date for some things to be concluded.  the twenty third, 24th the 25th are dates and there is an urgency for concluding this for many many large factors. It just depends on which one they care about.  I mean we are extremely close and it should already have happened by their own acknowledgement but they’re allowing this to go on for some reason so I’m just acknowledging it.
PTR 6-20-13  Gary…“I do expect a high probability of this getting done this month. On other hand, there are some things with banks being complaint and having all the funds where they need to be.
Recently the pair has gotten a little more exact, though the results are still the same.
Osborne claimed during a conference call on February 4, “we’re looking at this week, that’s why Dan is excited.  I don’t know how to be any more clearer than that.”
A few days later on February 7, Atkinson said referring to something he had said about Tony and then the impending RV, “all the sheets are going to come off all the heads and I mean that in the right way. We’ve all been masked you guys think you know who we are you’re gonna see when it revalues itself within days if not hours but no longer than a week you’ll see who’s who.”
As you have seen, both of these cons have been asserting we’re close since last March if not sooner (that is when I joined under another name). In October, they started telling the faithful their sources were insisting the world economy would implode if the RV didn’t occur in the fourth quarter sometime because the world economy needs this waterfall of money from the RV. The fourth quarter came and went, so did January and no economic figures indicate any impending worldwide implosion, despite the dire warnings of Dan and Gary’s “contacts” a description I use laughingly. Every month from October on they said they didn’t see how the RV would go past the end of the month and here it is February.
Atkinson loves to rag on Tony, but Dan gets plenty of mula from PTR. Let’s do the math: $15 per member per month at say 1,000 paid members equals $15K a month. Dan loves to complain about his expenses to run PTR but as a web guy, that’s such baloney. Once up and running, there is really very little anyone has to do with a website other than basic maintenance. He’s making a very nice chunk of change for three calls a week full of bullshit (or Dan going off on Tony or some other topic that is bothering him that day for the better part of an hour). This is a guy who claims the NFL fixes games to the teams they want get to the Super Bowl and that the powers that be fixed the U.S. election to ensure Obama’s re-election. Of course, (as a good guru) he doesn’t provide any proof. Am I pulling the curtain back enough for you to see what kind of nutjob this guy is?
What angers me is that the people at PTR like to portray themselves as some sort of wonderful foundation of information when there is little difference between what they peddle and what Tony TNT does. Tony calls it every day, while Dan Atkinson and Gary Osborne use “windows” like this week or this month. In the end, however, it’s all b.s. because their “intel” is never correct. If you’re reading this, look at each of them with a critical eye. They love to tell when it’s about to occur. The only problem – they’re just never right.
I’d cancel my membership but this has become like watching a car wreck. You just want to see how much more bullshit these two can produce before members wake up and realize they’re being taken.

Are you just as sick and tired of these idiot Hack Gurus?  Have you been drinking their cool aid?  Isn’t today the time to finally tell them to go pound sand!  Are you now finally thinking that I’m fed-up and I’m not going to take it anymore!  Really?  

Are you (to Quote “Network”) – I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!  Well, then comment below – it’s FREE and Tastes GREAT!!!!!!

~ Mr. IQD



8 thoughts on “RANT! The “dirt” on Tony TNT and former Partner Dan Atkinson

  1. WoW I didn’t know people are actually paying a monthly fee to be feed this crap. Thanks Dan i’s grate to see former player’s are getting sick and tired of these no account jerks. Paid websites memberships fine as long as they provide something! All members are getting for their money is nothing but nonsensical clap. someone should hack the sites steal all the members email and give them the truth.


      • Mr. IQD … you would be the first one to clap your hands if someone actually did hack PTR! If I knew how to hack, I would have hacked those hacks a long time ago. They will all suffer the consequences of their idiotic, greedy, selfish ways. In the end they will all wind up on the inside looking out from a 10X10 concrete block cell where they will be peeing in a toilet that sits right next to their bed, but hey … at least they will get their 3 meals a day and Tony will still be able to get his hot dogs now and then. They have been sucking money from members for years and will continue to suck the money out of everyone from the inside of their jail cells. Is there any justice in this world???? Hang em all from the highest tree on display for the entire world to see. They all deserve what they are all going to get in the end. 20 – life sounds about right …. don’t cha think?


  2. I have been into this for about four years. Was a PTR member until last year when I finally had enough. Here is where this doesn’t make any sense to anyone with any sense — Pulitzer prize winning journalists, financial reporters, book writers, and none of them, none, is writing about a global reset using Iraqi dinar about to occur. Not one. Somehow, however, these two characters called Dan and Gary have sources telling them things no one else who is a credible journalist/person seems to know? They are the only two guys with the inside info, but of course, they have “sources”. I know Dan would tell you the media has been completely muzzled about this but that is a tactic MLMers use, the old don’t trust them because they don’t know, I do. If you have any sense you’ll see through this scam. If I were these two I’d get ready to be arrested for fraud at some point in the future or perhaps face some civil lawsuits.


    • Thanks Kate for your comments!

      And some of these Hack Gurus don’t even have to wait to be charged or indicted for by the Government for their criminal activities!

      And I’m sure you are correct – there will be Dinarians who will file Civil Lawsuits against these jokers – and “post RV” they should have plenty of money to do it!!! LOL!!!


  3. Put this in the more things change the more they stay the same category. Was forced to be on the couch all weekend for a medical problem so did some research. The same crooks saying the same things from a year ago.

    2-24-2013 Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3… I AM ENCOURAGED WE MAY SEE GOOD MOVEMENT THIS WEEK.

    2-25-2013 Intel Guru Bluwolf …all is silent and this is the way it will maintain itself until the banks and brokers receive their emails with the GO.


    2/27/13 PTR call — Tony says he has four sources saying four different countries are showing a rate of $4.23 for the U.S. dollar.
    -His sources at the banks all say the RV will show up before March 3.

    On the same call Dan and Gary told listeners that…”Our contacts, don’t know each other, we’ve talked to about a half dozen of these people over the past year. Right now they’re saying “it’s ready, things are already dialed to the right station and it’s about to take off.”


    Read more: http://www.dinarguru.com/dinar-guru-archive-12.html#ixzz2uFstxzgP


    • Wow Kate! Great work! This is what I like to call “This Day In RV History!”

      LOL, if people would just use Google for a few minutes, like you did, they can see for themselves that almost all of these Hack Gurus out there are plain and simple LIARS!!!! Nuff said….. LOL!!!


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