Tony TNT Renfrow gets BLASTED by the BBC!!!

Happy President’s Day Dinarians!

I hope you all had a really good Valentine’s Weekend.

Now, for some Humor….  It looks like the BBC “Blasted” our favorite Hack Guru!!!  Well, I guess finally respectable organizations are beginning to “bash” Hack Gurus like I have for nearly 2 years!  Welcome to the party friends!  🙂

BBC Trending

And for the sheeple who continue to believe in Tony TNT despite all of the obvious lies he continuously spews out from his filthy mouth – I’m sorry, there is really no hope for you now if you chose not to listen to the BBC, I can understand not believing me, and others in our Dinar Community – but when the BBC takes the time to warn you and you ignore them, then you really are hopeless!

Here is the BBC article and source link… Enjoy!

#BBCtrending: #Wearethepeople and the ‘fraudulent’ dinar ruse

A BBC Trending investigation has found that one of the biggest trends on Twitter in the US – #wearethepeople – involves claims about the Iraqi dinar which the International Monetary Fund has called “completely fraudulent”.

The hashtag #wearethepeople looks huge. Since it took off on 26 January, there have been more than four million tweets. At first glance, those using the hashtag appear to be making an anti-banking, anti-establishment argument – similar to the Occupy movement. “The bankers do not want us picking on them. Then be ethical! #wearethepeople,” for example.

But many of the tweets use terminology which is unintelligible to the outside observer. “Release the RV”, they say, “release the Global Currency Reset”. This might sound like financial jargon – but these are not economic terms recognised by economists. One of the biggest accounts pushing the hashtag – @THE_TNT_TEAM – has more than 250,000 followers. But tests run on the account suggest that between 65% and 80% of the followers are fake – meaning the scale of the trend is far smaller than the number of tweets would suggest. That said, those who are real followers are heavily engaged. Statistics from the group’s chat forum show as many as 25,000 people logging in per day.

So what’s it all about? “TNT Tony” – as the man behind this calls himself – encourages Americans to invest in the Iraqi dinar. He says the currency will be revalued imminently, making anyone who buys dinars rich overnight. TNT Tony hosts regular conference calls in which he updates his followers on the latest news on the dinar.

[Maybe the BBC confused Tony TNT with The IQD Team who does host regular, weekly Conference Calls and DOES IN-FACT relay the latest news on the Iraqi Dinar. ~ Mr. IQD]

Over the past few weeks, he has upped the ante, saying that a secret deal has been struck on the revaluation, and that this preferential rate is available only to the “elites”. In short, he claims there is a giant global currency conspiracy.

The International Monetary Fund told BBC Trending that the claims being made are “completely fraudulent”. Top economists that we have spoken to from Harvard University to the London School of Economics have dismissed the ideas being promoted as “complete hokum” and “dangerous”. The dinar has been stable since 2010, and – say economists – if is revalued then it is more likely to go down against the dollar than up. TNT Tony declined to answer questions for this report.

[Heck, Tony probably BANNED the BBC Reporter from his forum for asking a question – like he does for anyone who questions him! LOL!  ~ Mr. IQD]

Dinars are not available for sale at high street banks in the US, so the purchase of dinars takes place via a “dinar dealer” who takes a large commission – about 20%.

[The BBC should have mentioned here that many Banks sold IQD Dinar for many years before the Hack Gurus started having their followers hound them constantly over the telephone and in the branches! ~ Mr. IQD]

As long as there is no connection – and no kick-backs – between the “dinar dealers” and those encouraging people to buy them, then this is all 100% legal. In TNT Tony’s case, there is nothing we have seen that would suggest he operating outside the law.

TNT Tony is just one of a number of people who host online forums in which they offer “expert” advice and the latest “intelligence” on the dinar to anyone interested in investing. [With a strong hint of “SARCASAM!”] There is a long history of this in the US – dating back to soon after the invasion of Iraq in 2003. BBC Trending has been in contact with a number of Americans who have invested in dinars – some are hoping for a return of almost 1000 times their initial investment.

[I just recently heard of many people making nearly a 1,000% return on Marijuana Stock from Companies selling their Hemp products LEGALLY in Colorado – who recently passed a law legalizing the sale of HTC and Hemp products.  

Also, if you look at the history of the Apple Stock (AAPL) there is another good example of a stock which over time went from aprox $7.00 a share (Dec. 11, 2000) up to a high 12 years later at $700.00 a share (Sept. 17, 2012).  The formula to calculate the percentage change (LINK) is:

Percent change = [(Vpresent-Vpast)/Vpast] * 100

AAPL’s Percent Change would be: 9,900%!!!

9900 = [(700.00 – 7.00)/7.00]*100

So, we all know that Apple Corp is LEGAL and their stock rose in value well over 1,000% – therefore just because something increases in value over time well over 1,000% it DOES NOT MAKE IT ILLEGAL!!!!!! Nuff Said ~ Mr. IQD (yea, I quoted Okie, so what?]

“It sucks you in,” says Marcus Curtis who spent more than $3,000 (£1800) on Iraqi dinars in 2010 and encouraged his friends and family to do the same. “I spent two years of my life in the forums talking to people and learning all this stuff that wasn’t true.” He is now one of a handful of people who research, blog and campaign – often with considerable zeal – against those promoting the dinar. He describes some of the characteristics of the forums as “cult-like”. There are examples of marriages breaking up and people losing their homes after spending money on dinars they cannot afford, he says. The hashtag #wearethepeople is still going strong, thanks to its fake – but also some very real – followers.

Reporting by Cordelia Hebblethwaite

Hear the full story of the Iraqi dinar conspiracy on BBC Trending on BBC World Service at 11:30 GMT on Saturday.

My only disagreement with Mrs. Hebblethwaite’s article is when she said that Tony gives his followers the “latest news” – huh?  How about the latest BULL SHIT!!!  

I also posted other comments and disagreements in the BBC’s article in-line above, as you no doubt noticed – some things really ticked me off!!!  Like making the supposition that if something increases in value 1,000% is must be illegal!!!  Sorry, but WTF!!! 

I would be interested in your thoughts and comments about this BBC article – sound off using the comments section below!  

~ Mr. IQD



19 thoughts on “Tony TNT Renfrow gets BLASTED by the BBC!!!

  1. I’m sorry but this BBC article doesn’t seem to be as much about Tony as it is about everyone that is promoting the Dinar. Tony is just the most popular….I guess its like if you want to kill a snake….(Dinarians)…thin you gotta cut off its head. The BBC along with the IMF are saying the whole Dinar and its possible RVing is a fraud. So that just make us all look stupid. All this jargon about people losing their homes, cars, etc…….last time I checked anyone could cash in for about 80% of their purchase price…..that isn’t a total loss. IMO the PTB would like nothing more than to get as many dinar holders as possible to get frustrated and get out as well as stem the tide of any new people thinking of buying it. Because they know that “smart” people wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole after seeing an article or broadcast like that. A lot of people think Tony is a complete con-artist, but for that to be so, it would have to be proven that He and his cohorts do not own any Dinar and that they are just milking this thing for whatever money they get thru CC’s and websites etc. The chances are however that they are just as heavily vested with Dinar as anyone maybe more so……so whatever they make now will pale in comparison to what they will make in the event of an RV.


    • Thanks James for stepping it up and starting the conversation!

      I’m glad you picked up on those points also – I wanted to leave enough meat on the bone to compel other thinkers like yourself to point out those flaws in the BBC article. 🙂 Great Job!


    • The BBC are not saying it’s a fraud It’s a bunch of youngster’s on some BBC blog site. who’s investigating sucks they know nothing about who Tony really is and his cohort brother although I’m not sure who’s the main instigator. And the IMF are simply saying there is no truth to the hype mania tony and the likes of are putting out there. Do you really think the IMF is not involved with Iraq! all you have to do is go to there site type in the search Iraq and you’ll see how involved they are. Here’s proof TNT is a dinar pumper [LINK REMOVED]

      Do you see all those dinar ads it’s called affiliate marketing he gets paid if you click and buy not illegal to do. But it is to make false claims about investing and he dose that through hyping it up imminent RV ridiculous prospective valuations fake Intel to make you think you’d better get yours now. He’s profiteering from fake unknown speculative investing. on top of that he’s started a paranoia Champaign that your being locked out of your investment by investors higher up the chain than you plus the banks are in on it too. May be he just don’t care because he’s going to jail anyway and he’ll just have a bigger pot when he gets out.


      • The writer for the BBC article appears to be on staff with them, and I’m sure what she wrote was also checked by an Editor – this is standard procedure for a respectable News Bureau like the BBC.

        Yes, you are right Paul, the IMF has worked with the CBI for years, of course they are involved.

        You are also correct that Tony’s use of 99% ads on his “website” is well legal – but dang, there are so many ads on there, it took me a minute to figure out what the “real content” was… Also, I deleted the link to his website because I don’t want to help promote it anymore than necessary.


  2. Stories like the BBC has are put out for a reason. I’ve seen many of them over the years. It’s done purposely to try scare people that are easily led and make them believe It’s not going to happen. Why! If all dealers are buying back in mass and no one is buying from them. What do you think happens next the CBI contacts them and offers a low buy back with just enough meat on it for the dealers. This way Iraq gets back most of it’s internationally sold notes for cheap. Then they take them out of circulation thus making in country dinar more valuable. which is only a good thing for me and those that hold on I hope millions of easily scared people sell back.
    I’m from England now living in America and I just want you to know the BBC does not do stories like this before it’s cleared buy some government bureaucrat. The last thing the now conservative government wants is untold thousands of common folk having more money than they should. I could tell you stories about their policy’s that would make your head shrink.
    Now lets just look at this,
    Top economists that we have spoken to from Harvard University to the London School of Economics have dismissed the ideas being promoted as “complete hokum” and “dangerous”.
    The first clue here is hokum who in the world uses that term! I’ll tell you we call them whoharr henrys silver spoon manor born I guess you would call them Ivey leaguers. And their upmost favorite thing to do is make you believe they are better than you. Then next clue “dangerous” why is investing “dangerous” investing by their fore bearers is what made it possible for them to be in the Ivy league world and I know they don’t want you the regular Joe in their world. Old money your in new money they will tolerate if they can squeeze some of it from you.
    Just had a BBC World Service at 11:30 GMT It’s a bunch of young English boys and girls reporting about food more than anything else. There facts are severely lacking in accuracies Yes we all know Tony’s a fraud apparently they don’t know he’s a dinar pumper profiteer with a criminal record. yes we all know the IMF negate anything he puts out and so they should there are no facts to anything he says. Yes we know people in the US are fed up with it mainly due to fake hacks like tony. But with any luck he’ll be in jail next month and we’ll hear no more from him. other than his cronies trying to keep the money machine rolling for him for the free tony Campaign. So for me there’s no substance to that report other than tony the con man making us all look bad.
    One thing to note from that report if you can call it that no mention that any English investors are involved because Cordelia Hebblethwaite is a member of silver spoon manor born club. Her fore bearers will be so proud of her debunking a possible way for the commoners to make money. Well done my dear investing is for us not them they will say. BBC Trending what a joke there attempt at gaining younger followers I give it a year before it’s gone for good. I think though I will help them out for the record and give them everything they don’t know.


    • First, the Economists would of course say that the IQD is “complete hokum” and “dangerous” since it is not an “INVESTMENT” and here is my opinion as to why…

      According to the official definition of “Investment” is:

      in·vest·ment [in-vest-muhnt] noun
      1. the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.
      2. a particular instance or mode of investing.
      3. a thing invested in, as a business, a quantity of shares of stock, etc.
      4. something that is invested; sum invested.

      People need to understand that the IQD is simply a country’s currency, backed by the stability, value and assets of that Country! Purchasing an Iraqi Dinar note is really just exchanging some of your country’s currency (i.e. the USD) for that country’s currency (i.e. IQD) – you really don’t purchase it, in fact. The person/company that facilitates that exchange (i.e. a bank or broker) is allowed to charge a fee. The fee varies as it is a free market system.

      Now, understanding that the Iraqi Dinar is just currency – you cannot “invest” in it. You can only speculate on it. I like to think of it more as “gambling” that the Country of Iraq will get their Political and Economic systems in order (hopefully sooner than later) and return the value of their currency to what it once was historically!

      Therefore, when the BBC Reporter asks a responsible Professional Financial Adviser what do they “think about the IQD as an INVESTMENT” – of course the ONLY answer they can give without potentially losing their Professional License is “it is not worthy to be an investment” or “complete hokum”!


      • I disagree with that 1. the investing of money or capital check did that with cash, in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value. I hope on of those happens.
        I see it as a speculative investment gamble,
        I don’t see it as a swap exchange the way you put it because if I never ever sell it back to a bank or trader. It’s a purchase to be accounted for in taxes or personal expense.
        Harvard University London School of Economics are just think tanks I’m sure everything they comment on is to be taken as a commandment. NOT!
        I’ve seen a professional financial adviser on fox business who is running an investment found but that was a growth fund not currency. I believe they can only poetically lose their license if they guarantee a better return or misrepresent.


  3. I’m in the group of people that thinks the whole RV is a scam started about 10yrs ago. A few dealers got together knowing they couldn’t legally sell the Dinar as an investment so they brilliantly came up with a plan. The plan would get these gurus together talking about how the dinar would revalue to its prewar value without telling people that only 30 billion Swiss Dinar was printed and 40 trillion Iraq Dinar is printed. This scam has run better than anybody expected but soon there will be a wrench thrown in the engine. I have info that on March 15 or close to it Iraq is going to re dominate the Dinar and when that happens they will close their borders to speculators and swap in country dinar for a new bill lopping off 3 000s. So all currency outside of Iraq would become worthless. Take it how you want but you’ve been warned and I know people trying to trade their dinar in and are not getting any response from the dealers. PEACE


    • Thanks for your comments and opinion Mike. Do you happen to have any supporting evidence regarding your claim to a March 15th date that you can send to me? If it is a claim, then support it with evidence – if it is just your opinion, then say so. And evidence is not “a guy high up that told me”.

      The “LOP” theory and contention has been floating around this community for years. The “LOP” is 100″% illogical – why would Nations like the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, etc who happen to hold IQD in their Banks suddenly allow Iraq to make it nearly worthless?

      Next, the bank note is a promissory note – it is like a Bank Check – it cannot be just made worthless without cause – and Iraq has no cause to make it worthless.

      When Iraq’s Saddam Notes were replaced by the current “new” IQD – there was an exchange time to replace those old Saddam notes with the new notes. They just didn’t say “today your Saddam IQD are worthless, oh well you are out of luck, so sorry! Go starve and cry somewhere else!” Absolutely not!!!


      • MR.IQD, that’s the evidence I have a man that works for CBI that’s commenting in the Baghdad Invest. A Zahlid that BI believes is who he says he is said this info on the post of BBC. I just wanted to share it and maybe you could email BI about it. I would hate to see everybody end up with nothing. A man I know trying to get rid of 8 million has had a hard time getting anything for it. On a brighter side nobody has heard from TNT Tony since Monday on his call let slip that he worked WITH Sterling Currency and spent 5 min saying he didn’t say it after Pam said the board was blowing up. On his TNT forum he changed the taped call from Feb 17 to a call from Jan 23. I think Sterling might of had a word with him and him losing his cash cow Blog Talk Radio when they dropped him Friday the 14 he just might be out of business. PEACE


    • Anything is possible, but if there is any truth to many countries like our own holding dinars for oil credits etc., they would have to make some backroom deals to honor the deals with all these different governments, while they screw the individual holder…..otherwise, there will be a lot of unhappy campers(countries). That’s how wars get started. BTW if you are correct, you would be the first one so far with correct information.


  4. I’m sure Mike is a nice guy and all but how many times have I seen some “info” someone knows to be true that is just hopium and hokum? About a million times. Agree with MrIQD, a LOP with closed borders isn’t likely to happen, and I say that as a complete skeptic. The currency may revalue at some future time, we simply don’t know. The people like Tony and Dan Atkinson and others on PTR are clueless as to when and they demonstrate that at least every week.


    • Thanks for your comments, and I’m glad somebody agrees with me….
      Because you know, even Mrs. IQD doesn’t admit that she “agrees” with me, but that is another topic for a place…. LOL!!! 😉


  5. In the BBC report, the IMF was quoted as saying it is COMPLETELY fraudulent, not “partially” fradulent. I take that to include there hasn’t been or isn’t currently a plan in the works for a revaluation that the IMF is involved in/aware of. However, that does not mean that there never will be–so I’ll keep my few dinars, just in case. Thanks, as usual, Mr. IQD, for this open and free discussion forum. I’d feel awfully isolated without it!


  6. As for someone making an unimaginable profit from a deal, I want to remind,everyone of some history…about a notably wealthy family, the Rothschild’s. Where did their wealth come from? Gold. When did this happen? Late 1800’s. How? Gold exchange across the Canadian border, on a date when the price of gold was changing, and Mr. Rothschild had inside info that wasn’t able to reach all individuals exchanging gold, Not saying that the Rothschild’s didn’t have money already, but this single event transferred them to elite wealth, comparable to the royal family of Great Britain, maybe even richer. I don’t remember the exact date, but the memory seems acurate. Just because you don’t have all the intel/facts, you may or may not profit. Currently info transfers faster than back then, but so does mis-information. Sometime info gets blocked for a time.


    • Hi John, I appreciate your time to respond. However there seems to be a bit of a mis-communication with your “history lesson” on the Rothschilds. Yes, they did make a fortune with Bullion, that is true. However, I believe the instance you are referring to is with regards to the Napolionic Wars in the 19th Century:


      In one instance, the family network enabled Nathan to receive in London the news of Wellington’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo a full day ahead of the government’s official messengers.[19] Rothschild’s first concern on this occasion was to the potential financial advantage on the market which the knowledge would have given him; he and his courier did not immediately take the news to the government.[19] It was then repeated in later popular accounts, such as that of Morton.[21][22] The basis for the Rothschild’s most famously profitable move was made after the news of British victory had been made public. Nathan Rothschild calculated that the future reduction in government borrowing brought about by the peace would create a bounce in British government bonds after a two-year stabilisation, which would finalise the post-war restructuring of the domestic economy.[20][21][22] In what has been described as one of the most audacious moves in financial history, Nathan immediately bought up the government bond market, for what at the time seemed an excessively high price, before waiting two years, then selling the bonds on the crest of a short bounce in the market in 1817 for a 40% profit. Given the sheer power of leverage the Rothschild family had at their disposal, this profit was an enormous sum.[20]


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