Happy Valentine’s Day from Mrs. IQD

Good morning Dinarians!

Mrs. IQD and myself would like to wish all of you a blessed day today for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day

We hope that you are able to spend today with the one you love!

For those of you who still have not found that special person, we hope that someday you do have that serendipitous moment and finally meet that person, that life partner!

That is what happened between Mrs. IQD and Myself – it was all but by fate and accident that we met – and after getting married only after a very short courtship, we have been married now for close to 15 years!

With our love,
~ Mr. & Mrs. IQD

5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from Mrs. IQD

  1. How normal life was before the days of dinar speculation, Now it would be sweetie hold on tony says it’s going to RV this weekend will get married when this thing pops. Three years later she’s still waiting. It’s been twenty years for me and the misses and where still as strong as the first day. Congrats to all this day no matter how long or short it’s been and best wishes to new lovers when you find the one nothing can go wrong.


  2. Thank you guys. Same wishes for the two of you and wishing you can reach the pinnacle oh our married life (going on 55 years) some how. Blessings


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