Mail Bag Question – Should I sell my IQD and get out?

Happy Monday Dinarians,


Rather than continuing to answer similar questions related to this subject, I feel it is time to just make a full post about the topic that keeps coming in to my Mail Bag.

Should I sell my IQD and get out?  Are you going to sell your IQD?

Here is a typical question I receive, this one is from Saturday:

On Sat, 01 Feb 2014 09:37:15 -0800 [name removed]

…after reading some of the things on the bagdhadinvest website and others wonder what you think of any eventual RV?

I’m kind of on the fence on this. I see both sides. Using oil credits means not having to have the money in your account, however, almost every real fact goes against any RV at 3, 3.50 or even $1.

A couple of my friends have now sold their dinar lock, stock and barrel so to speak and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t since on one side you have the true believers who think everything out there is somehow related to a global reset/rv, and the other side which scoffs at any RV ever, instead preferring a LOP.

What sayeth you?

Here is my personal answer that I emailed to this individual:

Hello [name removed],

I can only suggest what I am personally doing – I’m holding on to my Dinar.

I only own as much as I can afford to lose.

Perhaps I’m gambling? But in essence I see the IQD as “throw-a-way” money! This is the same money I would blow spending a few careless weekends in Las Vegas.

I also have my 401K and other savings, but I don’t want to rely on them alone, and unfortunately I don’t have a “Rich Uncle” who will die and leave me his Castle in the South of France! LOL!

So, perhaps I look at the Dinar as being that “Rich Uncle”, if you get my meaning.

I don’t believe the World Nations would stand for a “LOP” – the IQD Team has many articles on their website debunking the “LOP” theory, (link) I would suggest you read their website and listen in on their weekly Conference Calls (either Live Tues & Thur) or the recorded replay online or over the telephone. (here is a link).

Thanks for your question!
~ Mr. IQD

Well, I hope this post has helped you with your personal struggles with this question.  Feel free to comment below – please do not say how much IQD you own in your comment.  

~ Mr. IQD



2 thoughts on “Mail Bag Question – Should I sell my IQD and get out?

  1. Your friends have made s decision probably based on all the speculation out there that it’s not going to happen and rightly or wrongly they will have to live with that when RV accrue.
    For me it’s as simple as this in order for Iraq to trade globally they have to have a currency that’s accepted globally. personally I think Iraq has more undiscovered wealth in gold than Oil and twenty years from now there growth and opulence will surpass Dubie .
    So for me to get out now after ten years of holding is not going to happen. And if there is no RV and they pull some kind of blinder by saying the dinar you hold is worthless only our newly minted dinar has International value. What Have I loosed ! there hundred dollars and I’ve lost more than that in Vegas.


    • Paul – did you see that video that I retweeted out over the weekend from the post by The IQD Team.

      The video featured the owner of AmeriGold, and his speculation on the gold wealth in Iraq.

      I agree though, I have held my IQD this long, and even have picked up some each year to add to my original purchase. It is my throw-away money that would be “wasted” on something else. I don’t even spend all of my “throw-away” money on IQD either.


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