Oops Tony TNT Renfrow may have pissed off the IMF

Happy Thursday Dinarians,

Tony, You're lookin' kind of smug....

Tony, You’re lookin’ kind of smug….

Well, we had our little humor earlier with #1GOORU’s clever joke, but now on to a more serious topic.

It would seem that Tony TNT Renfrow may have pissed-off the IMF recently!  He has made reckless comments on his conference calls to his listeners (maybe you also heard him) say that Ms. Christine LaGarde was listening in on his calls!

Well, Ines Radman didn’t believe it, and wanted to find out for herself, so she sent a letter to the IMF.  And, she got the following response back from them!

Dear Madame,

Thank you for your reporting e-mail. Please note that what you are referring to is certainly a scam.

The IMF’s transactions and operations are carried out directly with its member countries. Thus, it does not guarantee, sponsor or endorse investment programs, nor does it approve projects for capital investments or endorse activities of any private entity.

We would also like to point out that the IMF name has been invoked in a number of fraudulent transactions. The IMF has sought to warn the public about the unauthorized use of the name of the IMF in connection with illegal financial schemes. Attached for your information is a copy of a Press Release dated July 14, 2006 on this subject. http://www.imf.org/external/np/sec/pr/2006/pr06154.htm

Furthermore, please see the following link, a US Treasury release which also warns about… Continue Reading

To continue reading the letter from the IMF, and to also read from Ines her full accounting of exactly what happened, as well as her opinion about the Dinar “investment”, use the link above to go to her website.

You can also feel free to comment below if you too have done your own investigations on Tony.

~ Mr. IQD




14 thoughts on “Oops Tony TNT Renfrow may have pissed off the IMF

  1. Thanks for posting this! I have also sent an email to the Iraqi Central Bank and waiting for a response from them. I have contacts here in Croatia as we do business with the Middle East, so, with a referral name I am hoping they will respond to me positively or negatively.
    You know, I don’t see why people don’t do the same, it’s very simple. These agencies ALL have sections where you can report scams or ask questions, so it’s up to the individual investor to do his own homework. Now I know these Lala Dinarland people are going to say “Well it’s all hush hush”. Well let me ask you all a question? Do you have ANY ANY evidence, proof or any human being that could even leak the RV? All you have is one guy calling himself GOD telling you it is so. Come on people, honestly, even if there was a secret RV, hundreds of people would be involved in a project like that and you would think that even ONE person would leak it out or never mind tell his friends and family to buy up some dinars. You see, no matter how you slice it, it doesn’t add up.
    Thing is, I have it in writing and I tend to believe the IMF over Mr. TNT God.


  2. If anyone wants to question the authenticity of this email, send me a note, I will send you my first letter along with the original response and you can send it back to the IMF and verify if it is so. See, I can prove everything I have to say.


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  4. The response is simply a general statement that would be made to make ‘denials on behalf of an organization’ not to speak of policy that is not to be released. So does not hold that much credence from my observations.


    • No it’s not. My original email to them was very explicit using his name and his activities. They referred to that as “certainly a scam”. You need to see WHAT they were responding to.


  5. A couple of things about this. Note that no where did the IMF say the dinar would not revalue. They refer to scams that are being done in their name, etc., but note they do not deny anything about a revalue of the Iraqi dinar. Now, I am a SKEPTIC about this and have been, so I am not some follower of Tony’s or someone spending 50% of my time daily on dinar boards, etc. But, having some experience with government bureaucrats and politicians, it is often what they don’t say and how they say it. Again, read this reply carefully. Is the dinar RV a scam? I did not see that stated anywhere. I did see the IMF warming people about their name being invoked in fradulent transactions.

    While skeptical, I continue to believe the Iraqi dinar will at some point revalue. Neither Tony nor any other guru knows when this will happen, despite their claims. There will be NO NDAs to sign, nor will there be “special” rates for whales, etc. That is illegal and a bank would lose its charter if they did give a special rate.


    • Thanks for adding to the discussion Brad.

      Your points were also what I was also thinking about the IMF, but I want others like you to chip in so it is more of a community conversation. 🙂


      • Well, if people have ever watched a White House press conference you can see how they carefully parse their words and statements, exactly what the IMF has done. RV? Never ever even mentioned Iraq now, did they? Doesn’t mean the RV is not a scam, just means they have given people something without really answering the lady’s question, yet she thinks they have.


    • What the IMF response said to me was that the IMF is not tied to anything that promotes investments or sales. Tony claims he talks to them or CL said this and that, it’s not true. There is no proof, no press conference nothing to verify his intel. That’s what it means to me. They not appreciate, and neither would you if someone used your name to sell something. How would you feel if TNT said you got paid out? I’m sure you would not stay silent. But what people didn’t see is the original I wrote where I mentioned Tony and the dinar and that is what they referred to as “certainly a scam”.


  6. So, this is the email I sent to the IMF. They referred to this as “certainly a scam”, so part of this do you not understand?

    Ines Radman ines.radman@gmail.com
    Jan 17

    to publicaffairs
    To whom it may concern,
    I have been carefully watching a Dinar scam that is all over the US, where currency dealers are selling the dinar with the promise of an Iraqi revaluation.
    This one man in particular, Tony Renfrow, aka Tony TNT is using Ms. Lagarde as the source of credibility, in other words, he is telling people that Ms. Lagarde is personally ensuring that the Dinar revaluation takes place.

    Please listen to the last conference call: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tntdinar
    You can find the conference call notes at: http://tntdinar.com/call-notes.html

    Please note, I do not believe Ms. Lagarde has anything to do with this, that is why I am asking her to investigate and put a stop to this scam. Her name is often used as you will see in the links provided just from the last 24 hours.

    The US government is not doing anything about it, but I am sure that Ms. Lagarde would not like her name being attached to this scam.

    Kindest regards,
    Ines Radman


  7. So, if you look at the email I sent them and the response, you will see that they are referring to my information as “Certainly” a scam. Why use the word scam if they are involved? I just figured they would never answer me, but they could have worded it differently and said we don’t make comments on these things. So, it is a big deal that they would respond this way.


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