No Surprise – The is back up – nothing changed!

Good morning Dinarians,

Just a quick note – if you have not yet checked the website this morning, it is back up and running.

Yup, Sorry folks, the Hack Gurus were WRONG again...

Yup, Sorry folks! The Hack Gurus were WRONG again…

Sadly, nothing changed – including the rate – which is still at 1166 IQD to $1.00 USD.

So, are you still willing to believe those Hack Gurus who have been telling you lies over these past few days?

~ Mr. IQD


2 thoughts on “No Surprise – The is back up – nothing changed!

  1. I’ve never been able to figure out why the CBI goes down and these dinarians get their panties twisted in knots. They wait breathlessly for some announcement from Christine Legarde, or the CBI website is down, or the UST website is down, etc, and they are thinking RV, here it comes. As someone who makes his living online, you can change the website numbers in five minutes. The entire website doesn’t need to go down. People, relax. Everything going on in DC and Iraq is not related to the RV…and never has been.


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