RANT! How the Hack Gurus Make Money on “FREE” Conference Calls!!!

TGIF Dinarians!

I got in this excellent Rant! from someone calling him/herself “Upstate” and I believe most of this information is correct, if anyone wishes to correct the data, please post below.


That said, I believe this is certainly a MUST READ for those of you who think Tony TNT Renfrow and some of those other Hack Gurus who are just doing so-called “FREE” Conference Calls all the time – sometimes even twice a day, just rambling on and on with garbage and nonsense.

Anonymous Name / Handle: Upstate
Comment: I wanted to add to the rant of “Southern Shaker” yesterday. I enjoyed the LONG list of tall tales/and misinformation from TNT, but I am in telecom and I want to expand on his “$93,000” phone call comment.

TNT hosts its phone calls with freeconference.com which is owned by Iotum. The way they make money is placing their conference call equipment in high cost rural areas (Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas etc) that charge VERY high prices to complete a call.

For folks with unlimited plans for long distance, this is not a big deal, but their provider (ATT, Verizon etc) pay a large cost per minute for the call… Sometimes upwards of 20 cents/minute.

With the affiliate plan, you can get paid 30% of the revenue generated by a call.

So far, I am just agreeing with Southern Shaker, but lets play this whole model out:

Southern Shaker says he heard 3000 people mentioned Monday. I heard 5000 (and it will be the last time I hear that liars voice!). They have bridge slots for 6000 as stated on the TNT site.

Many times they are full and they direct people to blogtalkradio.com (more on that later). Southern Shaker also states that the Monday call was 78 minutes. That was a short one. A brief check shows the average call is 2 hours/120 minutes.

Assume 5000 calls (call backs for a replay count too!) times 120 ( generous low because remember the meter starts running when folks call in 1/2 hour early) minutes times 2.5 cents (I am again being generous to Tony on the low side) . That is $15,000 per call. 3 calls a week yields $45,000 on calls alone!

Then you have the blogtalkradio.com affiliate program.

I am not an expert on them so I will make no estimates of the revenue, but I imagine it is a substantial number.

Without even throwing in kickbacks from dealers, you have yourself a 2 million dollar a year business!

You can throw a little around to your brother and a few other folks (maybe one in “DC”) and all the other money you receive covers the cost of the crappy website.

Of course, you have to constantly talk to “three letter agencies” and make sure the crap you spout keeps the poor, desperate, souls following you at a fever pitch and calling in…but what do you care who gets hurt as the money rolls in! Some folks will wise up, but new sheeple will take their place.

With this model you can “honestly” state, “I have never asked you for a dime to give you this information.”

Anyway, that is how I see it working. Good plan if you have no conscience.

P.S. Other dinar folks use free conference, and I do not begrudge them if they are getting a little payback off of it. I despise distorting the truth and leveraging gullibility of folks for profit.

Well, decided for yourself, however I believe “Upstate” just explained how they ARE PROFITING from these “FREE” Conference Calls!!!

So, what do you think?  Is “Upstate” correct – do you also have knowledge how these work?  Let us know, comment below!

~ Mr. IQD

11 thoughts on “RANT! How the Hack Gurus Make Money on “FREE” Conference Calls!!!

    • Hi Russell,

      Thanks for your contribution to the discussion!

      You have a basic account, like I do.

      I had established one of these FCC accounts to make calls back when I founded this website – just in case I ever decided to host calls myself.

      However, there are CC services that revenue share with their hosts who bring in large groups and generate a lot of income.


      • That is a FACT. I [REMOVED] been around this Dinar thing for a long time. I use to use those calls for other adventures before with business’s so yes, Mr IQD is correct but I have no idea what the Dinar Stooges use cause i am a firm believer in not attending them. In the early days when there was just a couple sites, I was invited to the beginning of these conference call so called events as a guest speaker. I was highly advised to not attend or every be a guest a speaker to one. Just my added opinion and I totally respect what Mr IQD is making aware..



      • Thanks for your comment Tommy.

        I have found the “smoking gun” and I’m still investigating it – but rest assured there will be a follow-up post on this topic. 🙂


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  2. Trying to find anything on the freeconferencecall.com website that refers to an affiliate program or even how one can make money. I see nothing. Not in their FAQS. No where. Why would they make it such a big secret? Doesn’t make sense. Please provide link to freeconferencecall.com affiliate program.


    • I actually have a direct link, which was found using the Google Search tool.

      The company’s program is being verified and until I get that substantial info, I will not post the direct link so as to not flood that company with thousands of inquiries by my readers.


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  6. Hi, I really need to prove to someone that TNT Tony is making money this way. Please let me if you have an update on the FCC and how they revenue share? I worry that someone I care about is being taken advantage of but I have to have some proof. Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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