RANT! VJ calls Tony TNT and Okie flat out liars!

Happy Christmas Eve Dinarians!

It is really amazing how many people I know who have their birthday either today, or on Christmas day – so, happy birthday to you!  🙂


Well, we found logged deep in our Mail Bag our new friend VJ’s Rant!  

Read for yourself – I’m too busy wrapping Christmas presents for Mrs. IQD to do a long elaborate introduction…

Anonymous Name / Handle: VJ
Comment: This an open letter to TnT Tony and Okie and their followers. Please stop.

Those who are listening to them need to stop.

There is something wrong with everyone. The first lie that was told and accepted was WF was going to let Oakie announce the rv. Do you really believe WF does business like that? Payday loan operaters do not do business like that.
Once that lie was out, this gave these two a blank check to say anything, because they knew that many would follow them. Tony gives out misinformation and Oakie co-signs it and then their followers believe it. Now Tony has a new companion and that’s Mr.D.C. and now the big hpye and lies begin.
I do not like calling anyone a liar, but Tony is one. He is a dangerous liar because he encourages his followers to be abusive to those with different opinions. He and his brother “lying man 2” never once tell their followers they are out of order. Visit the chat rooms or listen to the voice, they are horrible. The Mods are rude, stupid, and lie about everything.
Tony lies about not accepting money: does he have job, he never say he does, he says he won’t take donations, but he still has donations on his website, but most importantly, this is America and nothing is free here. He’s getting some type of funding and he’s a lie if he says anything different.
I mentioned his mods were stupid, Rayren, “lying man 2″, was answering a question about LLcs, he couldn’t answer it, (although they say he teaches classes on finances)he said and I quoted ” I’m not a connoisseur ( an expert on art and taste) on llcs. I don’t want to appear petty on the use of words, but he isn’t knowledgeable on many things relating to finances or foreign exchanges. That other guy with him “Do for self” is even worst.
I know for a fact that iqd has not rvd, period. I travel to kwi all the time as well as other gulf nations. No, it hasn’t rvd anywhere, I knew Tony would lie and lie. He doesn’t have contacts because who would lie if they have dinar.

One of my clients has an account in Iraq, and would be considered a whale, he says no it hasn’t rvd, why would he lie, I hold the currency, why would I lie.

Most of all, why would the Iraqi embassy in Washington lie. I called them and they said their currency is traded internationally, however it has not re-valued to previous rate. Now I ask, why would they lie?

Every one consistent on the iqd has not rvd but Tony and his crew. They are the only ones who have a reason to LIE. So in my accessment, they are not being told misinformation, they are just flat out lying. They pump dinar and someone is paying them to do it. Tony does not care that everyone things he’s lying because he has other issues that are more important then someone opinion of him.
In the end, to be fair, there’s nothing wrong with him or the rest of these gurus, there is something wrong with us.

Well, do you agree?  Do you have your opinion also you would like to share?  Then use the comment form below!  

Merry Christmas Friends!

~ Mr. IQD

6 thoughts on “RANT! VJ calls Tony TNT and Okie flat out liars!

  1. I’m with Vijay on this TNT Tony and his ridiculous statements about groups going to the banks in Wales and stupid stuff about rates being so ridiculously high. TNT Tony equals BS.


      • Yes, let’s get those lies straight before someone from TNT reads this and blogs that the whales in Wales are cashing out not…, and that was “confirmed” by a certain Agent only known by 2 initials and another that goes by “——511” on
        another well-known site.


  2. FBI what are we paying you for? Find out who is paying him and put the fucker in Jail!! I have family members that are ruining their lives by believing this scumbag! Their are literally tens of thousands who are being hurt by this lowlife!


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