Multipule Rant’s! Against Mr.IQD (from the mail bag)

Happy Monday Dinarians,

Well for efforts to exhibit fairness I wanted to collect two negative comments/questions from visitors to my website over the weekend.  

Now, if you interjected these kinds of negative questions / comments to a Hack Guru’s website – I’m almost 99% positive your comments would have been DELETED and you would be BANISHED from that forum.

Here we go, I’ve ‘underlined‘ their comments I will address below:

Name / Handle – Not Required: D halloe
Comment: Mr. IQD,
We have been in this for some years and have never heard your name mentioned. How do we know you are not just another guru?


Name: Dixie
Email: dixie*****@******** [removed to protect privacy]
Comment: My comment/opinion is as follows:
After stumbling upon this Mr.iqd site, I decided to read some of the rants. And I was agreeing with much of the information and was starting to give the info some merit. But, I have stopped reading and formed my opinion; that this site is complete drama and useless. If you want to know my reason, it is the fact that vulgarness is allowed and when that mindset is involved, go to the Maury Show or Jerry Springer. …you guys should be great for ratings.

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

First, thanks to both of you for your efforts to reach out to me and comment.  I’m sure many Dinarians believe their “negative” comments will just be deleted and not responded to.  I encourage others to send me their “negative” comments also.

Now, let me first talk to “D. Halloe” – If you spent time reading my website you would know within a few minutes that I am NOT a “Guru” – I do NOT give out a “Date & Rate” for one.  

I also ONLY express my OPINION about the IQD currency and I have NEVER expressed my Opinion as FACT – as do the Hack Gurus!

Next, for “Dixie” – thanks for your mixed comments about my website.  I’m glad that some of the rants have helped you.  I’m proud of the fact of providing a forum where Dinarians can feel empowered to express their opinions UNCENSORED.

I’m sorry you were turned off by the “vulgarness” of some of the comments and rants on this website.

Earlier today in my ‘Anti Hack Guru’ Skype Room I commented the following to a discussion that was taking place, it is regarding the lies that Tony TNT is telling today about it “RVing” today globally, EXCEPT for here in the USA…  


…many will give up on Tony, but many will also never see the truth and just think that the IQD is a scam.

How heartbroken will they be down the road when they hear about the IQD increasing in value?

They will be pretty upset don’t you think?

At least we are hear trying to spread the light of truth with the few other websites out there, who are also trying to help.

The Mr.IQD “message” is not for everyone, but many do respond to our way of delivering the “message” of truth, where they might not have listened to other teams and groups (like The IQD Team Connection)

Dixie, I’m glad I could help you a little, but as you can see my message is delivered in a way that is not for everyone, including you, and I’m glad you felt compelled to try to help by reaching out and telling me your opinion.  

However, my website fits a certain need for Dinarians that need to vent their frustration and rage, including myself!  

What are your thoughts?  I’d love to hear them also, use the form below, or go to the Mail Bag and send me a direct email.  

~ Mr. IQD


5 thoughts on “Multipule Rant’s! Against Mr.IQD (from the mail bag)

  1. If you ignore the truth and go to all the hack site’s first you’ll get frustrated like never before then you’ll get mad as hell when you find site’s like this. No one here is giving any false hope all you’ll see hear is tear down and embarrassment on the hacks. But the funny thing is people will go back to the hacks after reading about them here! why because it just sounds better to read every day that it’s going to RV today it gives you that boost most need to get through the day. and that is exactly what the hacks are doing profiting on your hopes and dreams. The more you follow click on those adds partake in calls hit the donate button buy those useless dinar ebooks. on and on and on it goes. Do you see any of that going on here NO! Because Mr.IDQ and neither are any posters going down that road.

    If I put a link here ——————— selling something it will not get posted. I understand your frustration when you discover what you’ve been told is total hog wash I been in this thing since 2005 and to tell you the truth it’s only been in the last three years all this hack false claim business started. Before that it was just media TV and internet news stories and it was very depressing most of the time. But my indicators during that time was to look for the good things happening over there like the GOI and the ISX the rebuilding new companies doing business and so on.

    And to this day it’s what I base my facts and understanding that yes Iraq will be strong again and yes the currency will be one of the strongest in the world. How soon will that be I don’t know and know one does but those controlling it. The hacks will have you believe they are connected to the insiders. Not one of them has or can prove it because in reality they are in their pajamas in there mothers basement. trying to make themselves feel important in there sad little lives and scamming you for anything they can get. Dump the hacks your life will be so much better for it you will know when it happens there wont be a single reporter not talking about it.


    • I’m glad Paul brought up my comment moderating. Yes, I have the settings to make me approve each and every comment.

      I do this because I don’t want the site cluttered up with a bunch of “SPAM” comments (you should see them!) that would make this website much more “unreadable” and the dialogue much less cumbersome and less interesting for everyone!

      I do wish more of you responsible readers would post more – if you “agree” or even if you “disagree” with the post, or myself, please post – many of you must have seen that I will publish “negative” posts if they are coherent and logically making an argument about that topic or subject. You won’t get banned for disagreeing with me – unlike other Hack Guru forums! But, your disagreement must be thoughtful. 😀


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