Bank appointment for Currency EXCHANGE Instructions/Checklist – Form Attached

Happy Friday Dinarians!

BS-ScamWell, I almost said “happy freaky-Friday” because freaky things have been happening all day, then suddenly I get the direct link to the so-called “Bank Appointment for Currency Exchange Instructions/Checklist” form….   How do the kids say it?  “OMG”!!!

The document is an Adobe .PDF file and I WILL NOT give out the link for fear that some idiot will download it, fill it out, and turn it in to a Hack Guru!

Listen, are you just STUPID or are you really just trying to LOSE EVERYTHING you own?

Seriously for anyone out there that has filled out this document – in my opinion YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED AND YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING!!!

Unless you take measures TODAY to PROTECT yourself.


Below are screen-shots of this document that Hack Gurus are trying to convince their sheeple to fill out (click thumbnail to enlarge image):

Sadly friends, many Dinarians have already filled out this form, or others that are similar to it.  Please spread the word to protect yourself and your family and friends.  If you have enemies, you may even want to tell them about my post also….  😀

Did you fill out this form?  Or, are you being pressured to fill it out?  Tell us about it, share your story below!

~ Mr. IQD

2 thoughts on “Bank appointment for Currency EXCHANGE Instructions/Checklist – Form Attached

  1. Here’s the real deal…you will NOT need to sign any NDA. One, they are unenforceable in this type of situation. Second, the banks could care less about where you got the money and third, you think Uncle Sugar, which can’t even get a website up, can handle and follow tens of millions of NDA’s and enforce them? Oh sure…I’d bet 6 of 10 people will be telling half the people they know they’re millionaires in the first day. Again, only the braindead should believe this.


    • Hey Brad!

      Excellent points you made on the stupidity of enforcing those dumb “NDAs” that Tony is so in love with!!! I didn’t even think about it that way!

      Great job, thanks for helping our fellow dinarians!


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