RANT! #1GOORU uncovers Okie’s new scam on his sheeple!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,

Well, I have to apologize to #1GOORU who sent this to me the other day, and based on his/her comments it was a time sensitive to December 9th.  


But, no worries, it is still just as relevant, and a good example of just how crazy our Hack Gurus have become!

Please stop and read this right now if you are not aware of what happened today !
This is just too ingenious to describe.
Go to Dinar Re(C)raps and see Okie’s latest blog to the UST dated 12/9/2013.
Then skim over all the new praise and glory comments.
Seems the world has a new savior—OKIE !

A little history to back this up: The hacks have been blaming the UST and the PTB and the IMF for letting all the whales and their friends hog up the exchange at the best rate supposedly, while the rate supposedly will go down for the rest of the sheeple.

The sheep were now irate with the “elite” and all the 3 letter agencies and are on the verge of rioting, as a show of trouble between Tony and Mtn Goat was put out on their blogs prior to this latest declaration.

To calm the masses, Okie, so self-piously, is sacrificing his dinar to charity if the UST will release the revalue to the sheeple.

Well, of course. He has, in my opinion, already made his money, not on the dinar but on kickbacks from the pumping of the dinar and various other money-making related endeavors of this whole scam with the group of cohorts, and knows the dinar is not revlaluing “tomorrow” & especially at the rates they are touting !

Additionally, he has plenty of family and friends who could hold the bag of secret potatos (dinars), in my opinion, should the Feds come after him or till it does revalue and he can just disappear, in my opinion.

Amazing how deep it gets and how far out the sheeple can wade through this.

Imagine the UST buying all this crap from him? As if he is running the world economy!

I suppose that Okie got tired of Tony TNT getting all of the attention lately so he has come up with this new “Hack Guru-ism” (is that even a word?… LOL!) with his so-called promise to sacrifice his Dinar so that his (she)ple will get their RV now.  Wow, and his sheeple believed this, feeling it was noble of him.  Hey guys, anyone want to buy a bridge I have for sale?

Let your voice be heard, I’m always looking for a good Rant! by one of our readers, why not your Rant! next time?

~ Mr. IQD

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