RANT! Why is #1GOORU just sick of Dinar Re(C)raps?

Hello Dinarians,

Well we are at another Thursday, and still no “RV” as has been called by so many various Hack Gurus in our community. 

They want us to believe it will be:

Just a few more hours, oh wait, there was a mix up at the local Hometown Buffet and therefore the BIS can’t go forward with the computational regeneration of the galactic trans-phase of the IQD due to some idiot who’s bank screen froze and now is locked behind closed doors at the IMF and the WTO all waiting for their boots on the ground to respond to the broadcasts on Iraqi Television who spilled the beans too early by talking about the RV and therefore the Treasury Dept asked Obama to put another injunction on Maliki who was sunning himself at a Turkish Spa in Iran!!!

Well, if I only knew it was just going to be that simple….. 

Rant!Well, garbage like the above nonsense that yours truly just pulled out of my “hat” sounds anything like what #1GOORU is talking about from Dinar Re(C)raps then no wonder he/she is flipping out, like so many of us other Dinarians.  Here is #1GOORU’s 2-Part Rant!


The faster these guys are “outed” the better.  My friend who won’t listen to anyone but Tony & Okie
and tells me she has learned so much! ( their gibberish !).   She is sacrificing her health, waiting on the “imminent”  RV,
and putting everything else on hold.  It’s hard  to watch this deceit continue.
Another comment:   Someone blogged for Okie on Recraps, saying he was
presently getting an MRI for his bad back which has pins and other metal stuff holding him together (war injury
inferred) , can’t quote the words exact without looking it up.  This caused someone to comment (and Recraps
printed it!) that MRI’s are not indicated when there is any metal in or near you !!!
His readers will probably overlook that rebuttal comment, and instead be very sympathetic with Okie, which of
course, is the aim.
I could rant on and on, I believe.


I was with an interenational airline for 20 years, and when the dollar dropped in the 70’s.  For a very short period, there was a time when this drop was taken advantage of (send your money to one country and pay in their local currency for your ticket out of another country, etc.).  However, this was quickly adjusted by NOT calculating in normal currencies and instead created the FCU.  Stood for “Fare Construction Unit.”  The FCU was actually the old USD amount.
Then depending on the departure country’s currency used, we added a percentage or took off a certain percentage.
My point is there are ways to correct everything out of proportion, such as the dinar going from where it is now! to $28/33/etc.!  Ridiculous, but great incenive for everyone to run out and buy more ! ! !
I also have exchanged many a currency in my 20 years of  travels with no problems.  However, never enough for the tax people to become interested so I was open at the beginning to some of the talk around that (tax, etc.) but didn’t take long to figure out the gurus were saying some very silly things, which to them sounded quite sophisticated, and sounds that way to their uneducated followers, too.
Did you know that Tony TNT on Dinar Rec(r)aps recently advised that “our” rate is being called the CONTRACT RATE.  He said there’s the regular rate and then our rate is the CONTRACT RATE!  I didn’t sign any contract, did you ?
Another funny one from Tony, someone asked him detailed questions about the NDA, and he answered “What’s the big deal, anyway?  It’s not like you are going to go out and tell anybody” These are the kinds of answers his followers thank him profusely for !!!!
Another note turned rant here!
Again, thanks for what you do and thanks for listening.

I am totally speechless now, I believe #1GOORU’s comments above can’t be topped by me, but please let us know what do you think?

~ Mr. IQD

3 thoughts on “RANT! Why is #1GOORU just sick of Dinar Re(C)raps?

  1. Let’s see, which fantasy do we get today? “The bank’s have the 800#’s.” “The UST has to give them permission to release those numbers.” “Some other country tried to negate.” “It’s the politicians.” So now the UST, politicians and the banks are in charge of a GCR? The whole world is waiting on the U.S. to get it’s act in order so the new currency values can roll out? Really?

    How many more “false positives” are we going to read? “Everything is set for release tomorrow pending any delays!”

    All this stuff continues to accumulate in a file to write a book about one of the longest standing ruses ever. The Dinar may not be a scam as it is a legal currency, but the clowns ( don’t dignify these bozos with the word guru) attempting to prey on those who are willing to hitch their wagon to anything that looks like a star, have risen to new heights of stupidity.

    Since the end of September they have been seriously shouting “It’s done, done, done!” Then in November it was that summit, this date, another secret meeting with the WMF and CL, M, the POTUS, the “whales” all the while were getting fat by feeding before all us (who are supposedly lower than whale dung), and ad nauseam.

    The followers are truly hooked on “hopium.” It’s the only explanation, as this drug feeds an addiction that has developed in who knows how many lives. It always seemed incredible to me how intelligent people could not see through the likes of a Jim Jones. How can reasonable, sensible, logical people listen to these bozos, who don’t even deserve to be named as that only serves to draw attention to them and elevate their ad revenue? It makes me shake my head as no matter what you show people, they will wallow in denial of the truth just like an addict.

    Like an addict, a scant 25% have any chance of recovery, and of those only 10% really make it. It sure makes you wonder what’s going to happen when these skunks finally run the course. I wonder if they will mail out packets of contaminated Kool-Aid to soothe the news that the Dinar is going to revalue at something like $0.036 and not the $36.00 they have been claiming? That’s NOT a fact but just being offered as what could happen to all those hopes that are free basing on “hopium.”

    All those staunch believers are going to need something to soothe the ulcers, panic attacks, anxiety, depression and much more when this ends up in the toilet.

    Like Mr. IQD and others that peruse this site, there is the belief that the Dinar will eventually experience some sort of increase in value. Even if there is no GCR, Iraq’s physical assets pretty much demand that their currency be more valuable, especially as an asset backed currency. However, about the only thing the “smucks” have said that can be agreed to, is nobody knows the date or the rate. Least of all, or MOST of all, them!

Like Mr. IQD, prove me wrong in just one single thing! Voices over telephones don’t count, only hard, visible, verifiable facts. Money in the hand would be nice. It’s so easy to hide behind all these code words, touting unnamed sources and top secret info.

    Has it ever occurred to anyone, that if any of these buzzards had even one of the contacts they claim, providing one iota of the information from any of the sources such as the IMF, UST and 3 letter agencies, they would have access to the same info as the so called “whales” and already be rich. Not pending court dates for fraud!

    So the latest “info” is that again, it’s the U.S. that is holding things up to increase “OIL CREDITS.” Granted this is not an outright claim, but then they never are. Just innuendo and insinuation, saying things that sound possible to those who desperately want to believe the merde!

    Strangely things have been just a little quiet the last few days. One of the sites has at least, temporarily disappeared. Unlike the “clowns,” there’s no claim here that it’s looking like things are about to get interesting. However, some strange things are happening that would make you think the stink is about to hit the fan! Look out for pieces of flying “goo!”


  2. Its sad to say however, these gurus r malignant narcissus that feed from the sewage they spill and the attention it brings them. Pay no attention and they have no place to feed.


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