RANT! Wow! Southern Shaker is on a long-haul “Kick-Butt” of Tony TNT!

Happy Monday Dinarians,

Well I hope you had a great time with your family over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I appreciate the numerous emails I received from many of you wishing me and my family a good Turki Day (yes, pun intended). 


So, to my delight our new contributor “Southern Shaker” really went off on a Rant! over the weekend and I’m just all too happy to republish it here word-for-word (including the adult language).  

Name or Handle: Southern Shaker
Comment (please see note above): I can’t believe people are still praising this son of a bitch Tony. He’s promised the RV for a solid 2 weeks now and when the day comes he has some dumb ass lame brain idiot excuse that I wouldn’t believe a 4 year old would believe! He claims  people on a bus in 2 locations rolled into the parking lot of a bank and wildly stormed the banks thus frightening the banks causing them to lock doors and stop RV process!!!!!

There has never been anybody in the history of this nation roll in on a packed bus and storm a bank. If this was to happen it would be on local and national news!!

Tony is getting desperate to put this kinda bullshit out.

Of course as these gurus tell shit like this they call those supposedly people on the buses idiots. Do these peeps not realize he’s calling dinar holders themselves idiots???? Who the hell else would be on a bus with dinars going to a bank???

NEVER does anyone challenge the dumb bastard and say,“Tell us where these banks where”. He states he won’t name the locations. That’s because it didn’t take place.

A couple days ago he brought PROOF to the table he had TOP SOURCES!!!!!!!! On his call he had his top source as a guest!! He introduced him as Mr. DC!!!! He had Mr DC answer his questions and give everybody an update as to EXACTLY where this RV was and what was happening in DC behind closed doors.

Note his PROOF was a DAMNED “VOICE”!!!!!!!!! On a phone!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. DC my ass!!! Hell it was most likely his brother REY!!! Or another scam artist as himself!!

Has these people not heard of 3-way calling or a 2nd phone in the house????? The son of a bitch was proabaly setting in the next room or better yet across from the son of a bitch. Tony said Mr. DC was his “HANDLER”!!!!!!!!!! Mr DC was on the call from Washington DC!! MY ASS!!

Today the RV is supposed to be live by tonight but no later than Friday. These people come onto comments after 2 solid weeks promising today, tomorrow, the next day and it NEVER takes place just one stupid excuse after stupid ass excuse and there they go, WE LOVE YOU TONY, WE PRAISE YOU TONY, YOUR THE GREATEST TONY, OH YOU WORK SO HARD FOR US TONY.

I simply am begining to believe these dumb asses deserve TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell??? I told and showed an old friend of mine PROOF of who the son of a bitch is yesterday. His answer was,”That’s people putting negativism out on Tony and Okie”.

WHAT!!!!???? I told my friend to pull his F—ing head outta his ass!!!!

One of this bastard’s things was earlier this week and that it was out of human hands!! They had a randomizing computer that would out of nowhere randomly spit the RV out and nobody knew the time!!!! People eat this shit up!!!

But today guess what? The UST has it back!! Can you believe this shit?? Are people blind or death or both?????

I sent http://ragingbull.com/forum/Topic/963955 and http://www.justice.gov/tax/Renfrow Memo and Recommend.pdf to RECAPS comments.

Of course it wasn’t posted. I also ask who Raymond Anthony Renfrow from Elm City, North Carolina was!!! Never posted by RECAPS.

I commented to Tony and ask what CMI, TASA, Home Based Scheme, Income Tax Boot Camp, Ideal Tax Service and First Class Limousine was. No answer from Tony!

I ask Tony who US Magistrate Judge James E. Gates was. I ask Tony if he ever got his bill of $1,454,579.40 cleared up with the UST since they were one of his 3 letter sources?

He claims now the UST has contacted him and ask him to be the one to issue the 800#’s to the peeps!!

Does anybody find it odd that RECAPS themselves wouldn’t want to check this out themselves? Are they in bed with the low down son of a bitch? I even commented on where to find the bastard on YouTube wanting LEADERS!! By telling ANYBODY—-ANYTHING—-PERIOD about ANY KIND of tax information he has violated his court order!!

I called the US attorney in Raleigh today but he had already left fot the holidays but you wait til next week, I’m walking in his office and throw down copies of Tony giving tax advice!!

And I’ve printed each statement the bastard made on taxes to peeps!! Tony’s a shithead just like the turd OKIEOILMAN!!  Well I needed to blow off a little steam. Thanks for listening.

Oh yes I bet you’ll never guess where I loading my big pretty Custom Sleeper Show Truck KW to next week??? ELM CITY, NC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I truck because I want to truck, I’ve made enough thru the years I don’t have to truck for the money!! I think I’m gonna spend a week or so on vacation in ELM CITY, NC.  Boy I hope Tony and I don’t happen to bump into each other in a restaurant++++He might be pissed at me for commenting the truth on RECAPS+++I hope he don’t jump on my little 6′ 6″ – 270lb ass and open a can of whoop ass on me!!! I’m frightened!!!!! Scared shitless!!! Oh well can’t let little things stand in the way of a vacation……….. Southern Shaker……. Shake.. Shake Til next time…….. Drive it like you stole it!!!!  Both feet flat on the floor!!!! Wide Open!!!! Both sticks against the dash!!!!

Well Southern Shaker, now you know why I call Dinar Recaps “Dinar Re(C)raps”!!!

I also can’t wait to hear what happens with your meeting of the US Attorney in Raleigh – That I’m very anxious to publish for you buddy!  🙂

If you are just as outraged as Southern Shaker, let us know, use the comment form below and let your voice be heard also!

~ Mr. IQD

4 thoughts on “RANT! Wow! Southern Shaker is on a long-haul “Kick-Butt” of Tony TNT!

  1. I’ve been watching the soap opera called Iraqi Dinar RV for about a month now on Dinar recaps and even listen to Tonys blasts and am amazed how gullible people can be but I think I understand now. Him and the rest of the Guru scumbags target Christians that can’t understand that these people are psychopaths that will lie about anything to make a buck. Day after day they lie and these people keep believing them because they say they believe in their God and if they really did they could not lie like that but they do because they are psychopaths.


    • I believe you are right about how these Hack Gurus use “God” as a way to earn trust among Christians. Hopefully more Dinarians will read your post and wake up to these lies spun by these Hacks!

      ~ Mr. IQD


      • It’s nice to have somebody post a negative comment about the Gurus. Recap will not post anything of mine even when I just state a fact but have posted when I tell them I love you Tony. I have to post from my facebook acc and I would like to know how I could comment without my whole name being published


      • Funny how Dinar Re(C)raps doesn’t like it when people want to post a “negative” comment about a lie told by a Hack Guru….

        Humm – it almost makes a person think: “are they in cahoots with the Gurus?!!!!”

        I think you now know the obvious answer to that question! LOL!!!

        ~ Mr. IQD


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