RANT! Southern Shaker’s Dinarian Weather Forecast!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians!

Well, what will the weather be like in your neck of the woods?

Who cares – we only care about the Hack Guru’s forecast on the IQD – if it were to “RV” (as they propose) then we all could be anywhere on Earth we would like!  


So, our new friend Southern Shaker has come up with this very humorous and cleaver Hack Guru Weather Forecast for the Thanksgiving Week…  Enjoy!

Name or Handle: Southern Shaker
Comment (please see note above): Southern Shaker here Dinarians with you Dinar weather update:

NOAA continental US weather forecast map for E...

We are expecting 2ft to 3ft accumilation of pure BS in the early morning hours this morning lasting into early evening. However this will turn to a BS / SOS mix around 6pm.

We expect heavy downfalls of this BS / SOS mix until around 9pm at which time there will be a huge BLAST of TONY HOT AIR.

But don’t get excited over the Tony Hot Air Blast because the BS / SOS mix will resume early in the am tomorrow lasting thru Thanksgiving Day.

Now we ask of you PLEASE, unless it’s absolutely necessary and we repeat PLEASE DO NOT GET OUT AND SURF ON THE TNT TONY or RECAPS SITE!!!

It WILL be packed with BS and SOS and be VERY slippery!!!

English: cloud, rain, lightning, weather forec...

English: cloud, rain, lightning, weather forecast symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, what is your forecast for the Thanksgiving holiday?  Let us know!  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

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