RANT! #1GOORU questions why the Hack Gurus have not been Arrested yet!

Happy “hump day” Dinarians,

Well, tomorrow is Turkey Day so I’ve decided to double-down today with a good thought provoking Rant! by our friend and contributor #1GOORU.


Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: I was trying to send you a few questions and my screen went down, don’t know what you got, if anything.

Wondering how long the authorities are going to allow this nonsense to continue?

Don’t you think at some point the three letter agencies would stop these jokers from making stupid statements about them, and supposed individuals, in them?

Isn’t there anything definitely illegal that the hack gurus are doing that can be legally stopped? Surely they will tell one lie too many about someone that steps over the line?

Why all the silence from the outside authorities on these scammers? It only leads the sheeples to believe if this can go on for years without interference, it must be okay.

I also read that some of these hacks are dangerous and threatening people. Doesn’t this qualify for investigation, if that is so?

Please feel free to print or not, just hoping to get some of these questions answered. (I am aware of the BH group and TNT Tony‘s current legal stuff in the process, thanks to your site).

Any light on this subject of getting them exposed would be appreciated.

Thanks so much for your time and trouble–hope most of it is enjoyable, being so absurdly funny !

I believe that the Authorities have watched the community and have responded appropriately when a crime has been committed.  Such was the case with BH Group.  

The big problem for the Authorities is that for the Hack Gurus to lie about the RV happening “tomorrow”, is just not enough to arrest them, the First Amendment protects their right to speech.

So, we have to remind our friends in the community that if it sounds too good to be true, then is most likely is.  And also remind our friends to use common sense.  

Does it sound logical for the Dinar to RV at $25+ to 1.00 IQD?  Especially when their neighboring countries currencies are not even over $4 to 1.00 of their currency (i.e. Kuwait is $3.53 to 1.00 KWD today as per www.XE.com). Use common sense!

Thanks for your compliments #1GOORU, I am blushing from your kind compliments to me personally for being: “enjoyable, [and] being so absurdly funny!”  Thanks, I really appreciate positive feedback for my efforts to enlighten our Dinar Community.  🙂

On a personal note – #1GOORU, you had asked me some private questions in your other messages to me, I don’t have your email address to directly reply, and I don’t want to publish them publically here on the board.  Please go to the Mail Bag page which I updated today – there you will see my email address you can send me those questions.  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

2 thoughts on “RANT! #1GOORU questions why the Hack Gurus have not been Arrested yet!

  1. Recently there was a big stink over a restaurant receipt posted on Face Book by a Gay waiter, claiming a diner had stiffed them a tip and left a note on the receipt as to why.

    Then a funny thing happened. the diners produced both the receipt copy and a bank statement showing the charge AND a tip! The restaurant refused to provide a copy of the receipt to the news, and the waiter has been receiving money from around the world for this alleged slight.

    So how does this fit in with the Hack Gurus? They can’t provide one single iota of proof for anything they have said or claimed. Each and every time they are wrong, the staunch followers defend them by saying such things as they can only report what they are being fed by their sources. So it must be garbage because that’s all they have provided so far.

    Just as another Dinarian has provided feedback as someone having previous legislative experience in Washington, has dumped all over the DNA as being the “fear factor” that it is, and giving a plausible possibility as to why.

    He has used a name, but of course no one knows for sure if it or he is real, or just another made up personality. However it offers no “pie in the sky” anything, rather lots and lots of logic, and calling out certain Hacks in the process.

Just like the restaurant diners were able to provide proof that they were being wrongly accused, none of these “Hacks” does anything but sluff the blame off on their so called “intel sources.” How convenient. As to how they continue to get away with it and why, they never really name any names in any way that opens them up for liable or false accusation. Anyone who listens closely understands what all the hesitation is for in these “Blasts” and radio broadcasts. It’s because they are very aware of just how far they can go without crossing the line.

    They’re not worried about getting any intel sources in trouble, just themselves. Some of them already have ongoing legal problems with activities linked to words like “scam” and “fraud.” Now there is no direct claim on my part that this is true, just that there appears to be activities LINKED to those words.

    See how easy it is to make it sound like a claim, without actually doing so? These clowns have had three years to practice their deceit, and the skill of saying what others want so desperately to hear. Here again are words that attack none other than clowns! No names. Just games.

    A collection of TNT has been building up in a file for a potential book. Others as well, as this is a can’t miss “best seller!”

So for those who are willing to continue absorbing “Verbal Agent Orange” the eventual outcome is very likely to be the same. Sick to death from an overdose of verbal abuse.

    Mr. IQD, myself and the others who have posted here as fellow Dinarians, believe in the reality of an eventual RV in an amount that will at some point be interesting. What and when remain a mystery, that seems to be unraveling day by day.

Just for the record, I would love for any of theses “Hacks” to prove any of us wrong…about anything! Do they read Mr. IQD to see the claims and comments against them? Who knows, but it’s likely some of their ardent followers do and report. Who really cares. They never respond because they can’t, plain and simple.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving. I know some “turkeys” that no one wants on their table.


    • Hello “So Aware”,

      Thanks for your thoughtful and detailed post. I’m sorry I didn’t get it approved before Thankgiving for you. But, it is a great post, so I wanted to be sure to approve it even though it is a few days late.

      I do know that Hack Gurus read my site and are told about it probably nearly every day – to their “disgust” – since I shine the light of truth on their dark lies and deceit on this great community of ours!

      In the top of the left column of my website you can see a running total of page views of my website, as of this moment of my writing this reply it says:

      152,178 pages were viewed by Dinarians recently!

      Wow, you are not alone anymore – your voice matters – I’m just proud to be able to help facilitate your voice of reason and to enable your voice to now make a difference for our community. 🙂

      ~ Mr. IQD


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