RANT! Outsider gives Dinar Re(C)raps a Piece of His Mind

Hello Dinarians,

Well, I won’t ask about the “RV” and if it happened today as promised by our communitie’s mental patients….  eh-hem!

So, I got this awesome Rant! by Outsider who always does a great job of speaking his/her mind and this time he/she really lays in to Dinar Re(C)raps (my words, not his/hers).


Well, it will touch a nerve with you, even if you totally disagree, so here we go… Enjoy!

Name or Handle: Outsider
Comment (please see note above): Mr IQD fellow followers,
I know that many of you are watching Those “hack guru,” sights. It’s okay, you can admit it.

I would like to mention That I was surveying the “recaps,” blog site last week, when the guru’s were again spouting off about the rv was mere minutes away from Fruition, AGAIN.

To my surprise, the “recaps,” folks were posting comments that were questioning all the “guru’s,” and their intel.

I was amazed that the “recaps,” people would be posting such opposing viewpoints. They must have had a Lack in judgment.

In true form as always, the Minions came to the rescue.

Blasting all those who would consider questioning the validity of the intel, how those bearing questions had, “no faith.”

It got to the point where the minions started to spout how these intel questionnaires should basically drop off the face of the planet. This is putting my interpretation of those posts mildly. The Minions were down right Atrocious.

I have a feeling that many of you have posted on these guru sights, questioning their sources, intel, and the like. I imagine you all have been subjected to their rhetoric. Keep up the fight.

These poor excuses for GOD fearing men and women, need to quit hiding behind that cloak. The good LORD will have his day with them when it is there time to meet up with him.

As I have mentioned before, I am in this investment as many of you are. I want this to come to fruition just like you.

I am not connected to the folks, these “guru’s” say they are, just like you. Just an ordinary guy, waiting for it to happen so that I may help my family, take care of my kiddos, and help out of few who are struggling just like the rest of us.

Thanks Mr IQD for taking it to the “hack guru’s . ” Time: November 25, 2013 at 9:54 pm

You are most welcome Outsider!  And thank you for joining the fight against their lies, and helping me to bring out the Sunlight on the Darkness of the Hack Guru’s mis-information to our fellow Dinarians!

Is Outsider right?  Do you feel like you have been bashed for trying to speak the truth also?  Have you noticed that Dinar Re(C)raps is just playing games with our community?  Tell us about it, use the form below and be heard!  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

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