RANT! #1GOORU Congratulates Outsider

Hey Dinarians,

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Thanks! 🙂


So, here is #1GOORU’s comments and congrats to Outsider’s Rant!

Anonymous Name / Handle: # 1GOORU
Comment: Response to Outsider’s Rants:
Please keep it up, Outsider! Mr. IQD and you can be OUR truth crusaders in response to the hack guru sleezies who rob the mental abilities, pocketbooks, hopes and dreams, and eventually egos of those caught up in the cult of believing their fantastic pretentious self-important hype. They have created enormous trust and faithfulness in their followers, to the point of having them not trust any other source but them! Our number of dollar holders with hopefully sane Optimism need also the support of like-minded reasoning, especially when we may have close friends engulfed in all the other Gobbledigoop.
Thanks, Mr. IQD, for affording this place to go to while we wait for these three R’s to come: 1.REASONABLE signs 2. REPUTABLE announcements, and 3. RELIABLE sources.
Until RV, I, on my personal level, will answer any nonsense coming at me with the three R’s test, if challenged. Otherwise, live and let live.

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