CAUTION! RENO “cash out” personal rip-off story by Jen!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,

buses%20for%20sale%20in%20reno%20nv[1]I was forwarded this email by Marc G who is a regular contributor on my Skype Chat Room.  If you are not part of that room, then you really need to see this email that was sent to him by a personal friend of his “Jen”….


Yesterday, I was talking to my Bay Area friend, Jen.

Jen knows a male friend of hers that drove to Reno to meet a CIA group to cash in his Dinars.


The meeting was to be at one of the hotels in Reno.

Instead, the meeting was move to an empty house in Reno filled with people turning over their Dinars.

Ann’s male friend was promised he would get 12 million USD for his 3 million Dinars.

What he got was $3.00 per 1 million Dinar ($9.00 total) and a paper guarantee he would receive the rest with Wells Fargo.

Ann kept saying how the meeting was highly secretive.

Well, DUH!!!!!!

If you have been thinking of going to one of these “Cash-Outs” then you really need to think twice – because as of now, they are a 100% CON and you WILL LOSE all the Dinar you give to them! 


Do you have a story you need to tell the Dinar Community – let me share it here for you and have thousands of other Dinarians learn from your success or mistakes.  Your identity will be protected, just like Jen’s (not her real name) was.

~Mr. IQD

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