Question: do you feel that the RV will happen anytime soon?

Happy Tuesday Dinarians!

Every day I get dozens and dozens of short messages.  Most are short, to the point, they either love what I’m doing for our community, or they are typical “hate mail.”


Monday, I got the following short message which was sent to me by Lee, and it reflects what many of you are feeling, so I feel addressing it here will help Lee, and hopefully you also.

Name / Handle – Not Required: LEE
Comment: I am just looking for a voice of reason, do you feel that the RV will happen anytime soon? This year? next year? I am so depressed over this. THANKS

Lee, it is no secret that I DO BELIEVE that the Iraqi Dinar will eventually increase in value (i.e. “RV”) in a significant way.  

I say “significant” because I have already seen the IQD increase from 1170 to 1166 to $1.00 USD.  LOL!!!

I have talked about my opinion on the “RV” in my Skype Room countless times, as well as have written about it here on my website.

However, I have hundreds of new visitors to this website daily, so I’m only too happy to mention this again if it will help you.

Keep in mind Lee, I always urge people to do what I have done, and only purchase the Dinar that you can afford.  

Also, I would not purchase Reserves or Lay-A-Ways right now, especially at this time.

Lee, about your final statement of being “depressed” – that has been a very normal feeling, especially if you have been on the Hack Guru Roller-coaster!  My advice is to do what I’ve also done – get off that Roller-coaster!  

I came in to this nearly three years ago – I had thought it was going to “RV” in just a week or two, as the Hack Gurus of the time were saying!

I remember being so anxious – I could not sleep, I was always checking the websites, listening to the calls and reading the posts….  I’m still waiting!

But, I do have faith that due to Iraq‘s mineral and oil reserves – their currency value will over time (hopefully sooner than later) increase significantly in value.  

There was a news article last week that said that Iraq’s economy, if given a chance, could be only 2nd to their Oil revenue! Wow!

So, I see a bright future for Iraq, things are moving slowly over there, but luckily I have time to wait for the IQD to significantly increase in value – I hope you do too.

Thanks for your message Lee.  🙂

~ Mr. IQD 

5 thoughts on “Question: do you feel that the RV will happen anytime soon?

  1. If anyone is interested—-
    I made my first purchase of the IQD in 2006 and later a 2nd.purchase around 2009!

    Still holding and still waiting–my concern is will I live to see the RV? lol–The Good LORD willing I will be 79 in April,2014–So one can see/understand my concern!
    Given my luck–it will RV the day after I’m gone–or it will RV soon–that is, if the politics can stay out of it–and the United States would stay out of it—re: the oil situation!

    Wish our political process would heed former Pres.George Washington’s words: “stay out of foreign affairs–or do not get involved in foreign affairs” or words to that effect!



      • Not a problem.

        I wish I could leave the comments ‘open’ and non-monitored – but they would become a useless hodge-podge of garbage from spammers.

        This is the reason I have to approve every comment first, because I want to keep the comments focused.

        And as you saw, I approve critical “negative” comments about me or the site just the same as the “positive” ones. I just need to filter out the spammers.


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