IDIOTS Guide to Iraq and HIS FRICKIN Investment

Happy Monday Dinarians!

Well, why not a little humor to kick-off another week of idiot Hack Gurus like Okie Oil Man, Tony TNT or TerryK use for calling the RV’s Rate & Date! Which gets you all riled up and overdosed on “hopium”…  

Maybe this is the book that Tony TNT Renfrow uses (when he is not fighting the Lawsuit against him)…


And I wonder if he should get the latest 2013 edition.. After all, this is just the 2012 edition.

Maybe we should get him the ‘IDIOTS Guide to Iraq and HIS FRICKIN Investment”….

Okay, well, enough fun and games, back to work, since it has not “RV’d” yet.  Sorry followers, your Hack Gurus were wrong – it didn’t RV over the weekend as they had promised (for the thousandth time)!  

To always keep a level head, just simply check the official website of the Central Bank of Iraq at:

~ Mr. IQD

6 thoughts on “IDIOTS Guide to Iraq and HIS FRICKIN Investment

  1. I had a dream I was sitting on a large whitish colored bolder, that reflected the mother of pearl looking sky. Along came a man wearing an off white robe. He had dark hair n had facial hair. He put his arm around me and said “don’t worry the dinar will be exchanging im a couple of days.

    Does this qualify me as a hack guru? Lol


    • No Gideon –

      Because you said you “had a dream” and you didn’t make that statement as a fact, instead you are simply relaying your dream (or opinion).

      Had you said, “I have a guy who works at the Treasury department who likes to wear an off white robe, has dark hair, and facial hair, told me for a fact that he saw on his computer the new rate of $X.XX to the IQD and that it will RV on Thursday!” — Then, that statement is a “Hack Guru” statement because you are issuing “intel” as “fact” instead of an “opinion”.

      ~ Mr. IQD


  2. Tony’s theme song,
    The dinar will come out tomorrow, you can surly bet your bottom dollar, “Tomorrow” “Tomorrow” Come what may, “Tomorrow” “Tomorrow” The dinar Tomorrow it’s only a day away, You’ll see irqa rising in the morning, You’ll see people lining at the bank “Tomorrow” “Tomorrow” it’s only a day away,
    11-5-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony the word now is that the mission was accomplished and the broadcast ( by Maliki) has been made. The only problem right now is we don’t know if it meets the requirements yet. I am hearing positive things at the moment, but the final decision has not been made yet. We should be hearing something about this later tonight. Once the decision is final, we will receive our window to look for the beginning of your new life. That’s it, there is not a lot to say and everything else that needs to be done has been done…tomorrow…we should be at the bank or know when we are going.


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