Rant! Outsider tells you to get off your ‘pins and needles’ this weekend!

Hey Dinarians,

Since I’m in the posting mood, I was sent this Rant! yesterday by our new buddy “Outsider” and was going to hold it until Monday – but since I’m here anyways, why not post it also today!  Enjoy…


Name or Handle: Outsider
Comment (please see note above): for the hacks, gurus, & caps folks to sit on.
so once again you have everyone on pins and needles over the weekend and yet here they sit on a Thurs with no # to call, no appt made, no RV (after you learned the mysterious “Baghdad Invest,” site was a joke.” yet you still profess that the RV is coming and is now only hours away (as of your late night posts.” and declare that by this morning the banks would be ready to go, waiting for your readers to come in and exchange their currency.

If you look at the central bank of Iraq’s website [www.CBI.iq], nothing has changed, WF website still does not deal with IQD. you state that some “new deal,” paperwork had to be signed off.

Everything is now ready to go. haven’t you worn out that record by now?

How much longer do you plan on having your followers hold out this time? oh wait, its Thursday. time to gear everyone up for this to happen over the weekend again isn’t it?

If you google the IMF Christine Legarde, it makes no mention of her being in Iraq right now. the most recent post, dates back to the IMF discussing events in the region and this is dated to Nov of 13 while she was in KUWAIT, not IRAQ. how can she been on the ground in Iraq, if she is making appearances in Kuwait? oh, this must be more of the stuff the world is not suppose to know about, right?

You made it clear that your site would not be up for very much longer [Outsider is referring to TNT], you made it sound like you were turning off the lights yesterday. yet, here you are, still up and running w/ no change in Iraq currency. what’s the new reason?

What paperwork didn’t get signed, who didn’t get their cut this time, what new timeframe hasn’t been met, what part of their constitution wasn’t followed, what holiday is it in Iraq, what speech hasn’t been made, and was it the right speech, what test still has to be done on the monetary system, what card didn’t get loaded, what card has to get reloaded, who spoke that wasn’t suppose to, really, WHAT NEXT?

For all the intel you folks claim to have you have no way for your followers to verify your intel, just to trust you, because you are in the know. well I know this, you don’t know jack!

Do you agree with Outsider?  Then let him/her know and sound off below with your comments!  Have a good weekend everyone!

~ Mr. IQD

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