Lawsuit “Dirt” on Tony TNT forwarded to me by Kaperoni

Happy Friday Dinarians,

Well, I was going to hold off on posting today, since most of you seem to disappear in to the weekend a day early and don’t read the articles nearly as much.

However, I feel that since most of you would just LOVE to read some Lawsuit “Dirt” on Tony TNT Renfrow – I didn’t want to make you’all wait until Monday.  Besides, didn’t he say it “RV’d” again last night, or today, or was that Wednesday, or….  Oh, heck I can’t even keep track of his rhetoric anymore.  

But, this letter written by an Attorney which was forwarded to me by our old friend Kaperoni sheds some new light and perspective on the Tony TNT Renfrow pending lawsuit.  I should mention this “intel” (yes, pun intended) is received 2nd hand, so its accuracy cannot, and has not, been verified, so please take it as “gossup” and not as 100% accurate fact regarding Tony’s legal case – no doubt TNT will deny the entire thing.

I did personally contact Kaperoni to verify that it was indeed him sending me this Attorney’s information, and not a joker just messing with me.  Kap did verify to me that he was the person who sent me this Attorney’s “intel” on TNT – he has consented to allow me to republish it here for you all, but wants me to make it clear that Kap did NOT write it and does not confirm its accuracy either.  

I really thought that was an A+ move on Kap’s part.  It shows me that he does really care about our community, so with that I will be removing Kaperoni from my “Hack Guru” list.  So, lets get to the Attorney’s “intel”:

Name or Handle: Kaperoni
Comment (please see note above): Thought you might enjoy Attorney researched Tony and sent this to me.



Here is what I found out about Tony. This is directly from the court docket.

The criminal charge was filed 4-18-2012. His name is Anthony Renfrow. There is another co-defendant, William Fox.

Tony is represented by the Office of the Public Defender. That means he has no money to pay an attorney. The co-defendant, William Fox, hired his own private attorney.

Tony has been charged with the following: The first count is: “Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud and Engaging in Monetary Transactions of More Than $10,000 in Criminally Derived Property.” This first count also seeks “forfeiture”, which means that Tony used some of the funds he stole to buy something, and the USA is wanting that asset(s) to be forfeited, or surrendered to the USA.

The second count is “Wire Fraud”, and also seeks forfeiture of asset(s).

Tony was arrested on May 30, 2012, but was later released pending the outcome of the criminal charges.

Tony also filed an “Financial Affidavit” with the Federal Court on May 30, 2012. The purpose of that Financial Affidavit was to prove that he (Tony) is BROKE and has no money to pay for an attorney, which resulted in the Court appointing the Public Defender to represent Tony.

There have been a multitude of various motions filed with the court from May 2012 to now, most of which have just delayed the trial.

The last entry on the court docket is dated 10-3-2013, which is an Order of the Court granting Tony’s motion to delay the filing of PreTrial Motions in the case until January 27, 2014.
I doubt that the trial will take place any sooner than sometime next spring.

A strategy Tony might be doing is to try to keep postponing the trial until the RV, which would give him money that he swindles out of people who have dinars, (by convincing them to turn their dinars over to him under the lie of getting $27 plus per dinar, etc), and then he would have money where he could try to “settle” with the USA by making restitution to the victims he stole money from that resulted in the criminal charges being filed in the first instance. By his making restitution, he could go a long ways in mitigating the damages, resulting in his possibly getting a lighter sentence..

If you want, you have my permission to post all of any part of this post.

Well, who’s ready to keep following Tony “TNT” Renfrow?  If you do, then it is my opinion you will be ripped off and very sorry.  

Don’t come crying to me or the others in our Dinar Community begging us for help after you get scammed out of your “post rv” future!

And for you, who blindly follow Tony – you had better learn from those people who got ripped off by BH Group’s Brad Huebner and Rudy Coenen!

On a closing note, welcome back Kap, glad to call you a friend again.  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

6 thoughts on “Lawsuit “Dirt” on Tony TNT forwarded to me by Kaperoni

  1. Regarding the statement, “(by convincing them to turn their dinars over to him under the lie of getting $27 plus per dinar, etc)”, this is a bald-faced lie and is not and, as far as I know, has not occurred.

    Whatever Tony has done is a matter of public record, but there is no need to embellish it with ignorant opinions thrown into the mix.


    • Hello Top,

      Every opinion has value, which is why I allowed your comment, even though I do not agree with it. I allow contrary opinions on my website, unlike the Hack Gurus!

      If you think that Tony TNT Renfrow is such a good guy, then by all means follow him – like Jim Jones.

      If it is your opnion that this Attorney who wrote the letter which I re-published in an attempt to warn Dinarians about this man, TNT, who in my opinion has proven many times to us as a community to be an unreliable source of Iraqi Intel regarding the IQD.

      Not to mention, it is also my opinion that TNT is nothing more than a two-bit con artist, huxter, and grifter who is just an opportunist who is taking advantage of ignorant and naive Dinarians.


  2. Tony is a complete con artist. Lord, are you people that STUPID you would follow someone who has claimed for years it’s about to happen virtually every day? It’s almost hard to fathom that people are that gullible. I guess they just turn their brains off and swallow whatever swill comes out of Tony’s mouth, over and over and over again.


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