RANT! “So Aware” is aware of the Hack Guru Sitcom!

Hello Dinarians,

Well, sometimes I get outstanding commentary that deserves more of a spotlight than just being a reply / response to a post.


This is one Rant! which deserves its own post – so, here you go…  Enjoy!

So Aware commented on Rant! Outsider calls out Dinar Rec(r)aps for being irresponsible!

“There’s nothing left to wait for. It’s all done. No one is holding this up. If Maliki doesn’t give the right speech then CL and the IMF will force it to happen.”

Just some of the drivel spouted over the last week by TNT, Okie, Omega2, TD, and all the others that are part of this mess.

Now after categorically say it was going to happen again on a Sunday, and that we should be at the banks Monday, another stall pops up, a few in fact.

First it’s a political “thing,” and then Okie sneaks in there with some 72 hour delay that’s part of the Iraq Law or something. Others throw out Thanksgiving while yet more talk of the first of the year then into April and the Iraqi elections. Where does this train stop?

As always there is some other stalling tactic that sounds just plausible enough to keep those ardent believers hangin’ on for the brass ring. I keep wondering where they come up with all this stuff. Are they reading it out of a book somewhere?

Maybe they’re writing it as this goes along, because this would surely best a fiction best seller!

There used to be some scant credibility to MTN GT, who did not seem to go with the crowd, but now even they appear to have jumped on the caboose. It’s gotten to the point with the current declarations that it’s going to be hard to come up with anything that is believable.

The next few days should be interesting to see if maybe they just disappear, since they have made the claim, or at least TNT Tony has, that after the RV they will shut down his site because of the NDA!

So it has the appearance that an exit strategy is in place for these Gooprus, and quite honestly I might take a stab at writing a novel about this as being one of the best jokes and longest ones perhaps in the history of scams!

I would love, love, love for them to prove me wrong. However since they are NEVER in a position to prove ANYTHING, how can they ever be wrong?

All they have to do is make it up and put it out there. As long as it is what others want to hear, there will be enough to keep it afloat. That “something for nothing” crowd, and to one degree or another we can all be lured in to some extent. All I know is that for some, that “flute” must be sounding louder and louder!

A few others have mentioned how would it ever be possible to keep approximately 4 million people from spreading the word, no matter how tough the NDA is? Granted if it were real, most would be broke in fairly short order, so what is the real number to be concerned about?

The rates are not for us, but because the U.S. needs this to offset the horrendous debt. While that makes an amazing story, and some parts again have a slim element of truth, doesn’t anyone else see the smoke and mirrors?

As long as no one has to produce a person, name, or one shred of any evidence of anything being said, anything can be claimed. News coming out of Iraq and the interpretations as to what it means. This sounds like the left liberal media in this country that lost the thread of truth decades ago.

For me it’s gotten to the point of checking dinarguru.com and dinardetectives.com on a daily basis just to see what else has been invented as a stalling tactic. As mentioned earlier, just taking all the archives, cleaning up the grammar and spelling, and there would easily be 80-120,000 words for a novel!

Who needs a sitcom?

Do you have something to get off of your chest about these Hack Gurus?  The be heard by thousands of Dinarians if I select your story.  

~ Mr. IQD

2 thoughts on “RANT! “So Aware” is aware of the Hack Guru Sitcom!

  1. What needs to happen some positive confer measures. For example the million dinar holders send out the same positive tv thought at the same time each day. Or get as many as possible. The negative vibes around the tv r over the top. Besides the normal crap we have 100s of million people hoping the rv does not happen for various jealous reasons.

    We need need to see think n believe a 3 to 1 rv now as a large group 3 times a day.

    Ever read think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill?


    • Hello Aza,

      Thanks for your comments, although I’m not 100% certain of the point you were attempting to make.

      Yes, I have read and do live by the “Think and Grow Rich” principals taught by Napoleon Hill.

      ~ Mr. IQD


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