Rant! Outsider tells off the Hack Gurus!

Hello Dinarians,

Wow, I’m still on a “high” from yesterday’s GREAT (real) News about Iraq’s Parliament passing the Election Law!


Well, this morning I opened up my email box and got this awesome rant by a person calling themselves “outsider”!  

He really tears in to those Hack Gurus!  Note that in his rant below, he is referring to the Hack Guru’s website(s), not mine….  Enjoy!  🙂

Name or Handle: outsider
Website (if you have one and want to share): http://hardly
Comment (please see note above): Sent this to the dinar recaps folks, you may want to add mtn goat, spguru to your list of “hack guru’s.”

I put these comments out only because I have been watching this site recently upon the encouragement of another dinar holder. I have seen in this short time a myriad of reasons as to why this RV is about to happen, only to fall through for some unknown cause of reason. I have seen people profess to be, “in the know.” yet they cannot divulge the information due to their position, the information could be detrimental to them or others, it may stop the process, or they will release it at a later date.

These folks are having meetings w/ top officials or have intel from high sources. You say, “it’s here, just hold on, It has happened, just not for us, Look for it to happen at any minute. Between now and next Mon.” You keep going on and on and on, did I mention you keep going on and on and on. I don’t like to be one of your “negative nellies,” but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade.

I have a stake in the dinar just as all of you. I have been in the game longer that a lot of you, I purchased my dinar mere months after they new bills were released. While I was in country, fighting for YOU to talk this up. I knew that it would be years before it would have any value, I believe that one day it will.

I did not create a company to sell more dinar, I didn’t become part of some massive group to negotiate rates. I didn’t network with other dinar holders, create a dinar website. Just an ordinary citizen who took a chance.

Until recently I would only check the currency exchanges a couple of times a year. I was not looking at making millions off my investment. Maybe enough to pay off some bills, help some folks on hard times, give my youngsters a little assistance w/ life. I was then turned on to your site as I stated earlier by another dinar investor.

As soon as I began to check the site, I became excited with all the chatter. I began to believe it may actually come through, I got bills to pay, I am living pay check to pay check, trying to keep a roof over my head, food in stomachs, and the lights on.

Unfortunately with all your, “latest intel, RV here, GO RV.” that excitement has only turned out to be false hope. I have come to the conclusion that not one of you has any idea of what is going on, when it’s going to happen, what the rate is going to be, how it will unfold, for that matter any of it.

How sad that you have gotten thousands if not millions of people ramped up over something that has not come to fruition and will be quite sometime before it does. Some day it may, not today, nor tomorrow, nor next week, month, & probably not this year, but maybe someday.

I have attempted to research these meetings, speeches, “intel,” you have spouted about having. To my dismay I have found nothing to prove your claims. WF has a statement on their site, to this day that they do not, will not deal with IQD (IQN- whatever that means, because you won’t find reliable information about that either.)

You read into speeches, letters, conversations to keep the hopes of these people up. Enough already! If you have a GOD fearing bone left in your bodies, tell your followers that you have no idea of what’s going on, what’s going to happen, when its going to happen or the like.

You come off like a “horses ass.” I know that this will not make it to your blog post, but someone has to read it, to decide not to put it up. Since one of you has to see it before it gets trashed, maybe you will be the one who starts, fearing GOD in what you are doing to others. He is watching YOU! and you will reap what you sow.

I do pray that the good LORD will bring about an increase in the value of this currency, but it will not come about in the short term. There is no way something this monumental could be kept secret.

The Iraqi government along with all the other countries of the world would be shouting from their rooftops to get as many people on board as possible.

For Pete’s sake, learn how to “frickin” spell. I spend half my time reading your posts trying to figure out what you are writing, because you can’t seem to put the right letters together to make a word.

First, I think its very important for me to say thanks to you for your service in our great United States Military.

Next, I am privileged to be able to re-post your Open Letter to the Hack Gurus – even if they tried to mute your voice like cowards – trust me, thousands of Dinarians will see and read your letter now!  LOL!!!  

So, what did you think about Outsider’s Rant?  Did it hit a nerve with you too?  Let us know, share your story too.  So, go ahead and sound off using the form below.

~ Mr. IQD

7 thoughts on “Rant! Outsider tells off the Hack Gurus!

  1. I totally agree with outsider, TnT Tony is one of the biggest hack gurus out there, it’s sickening how they think we should believe them! Tony has been saying “this weekend” since 2011!


      • I am “The One and Only” ORIGINAL Ranter … I can truly say that I am so glad to have been the inspiration to so many who have been afraid to finally air their true grievances …the only drawback is, once you rant and put it all out there you must be prepared for any consequences that might arise from that rant. I, for one, welcome any guru who wants to challenge me. I put it out there and have yet to find any guru who can refute anything that was said. Your prove it to me and I will gladly recant, but until then, its open “WAR” on the disgraces of the dinar community.


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