In response to Randy Koonce’s email: “Just dropping a note… Nov.1, 2013‏”

Happy Monday Dinarians,

I have resisted talking about Randy ever since I created this website.  

I will say that I used to listen to every single call he made until about a year ago.  I have always enjoyed his quaint Texas accent and overall he is a very level headed, reasonable person – so I still resist putting him 100% in to my “Hack Guru” category.

I do appreciate that Randy does try to temper his followers by telling them to “breath” and other wisdom about not listening to the Hack Gurus (like TNT, OOM, and the others).

That said, over the weekend I received a copy of his latest email: “Just dropping a note..”

How you Makin it

I am Dropping a note to let you know where we are;

Obama and Maliki have concluded their meetings and Maliki is now on his way back to Iraq. Many issues were discussed during his stay here including those which pertain to this investment. From the time Maliki arrives back in Baghdad thru mid week is the window when we should see the RV.

Do not be afraid if the rate is not what you think it should be.

I have some information reguarding the initial RV rate and then the plan for the future value of the dinar and i will discuss that once the rv takes place.

Check every day to see if it has changed… do not take a guru or a post about in- country RV or any thing else. Do not be fooled….. just check the CBI
Do not let your emotions get to you.


Here is my open reply to Randy’s email:

First, I didn’t change any of his spelling or grammar I republished it above as I received it.

That said, it would be nice if Randy was right about the CBI changing the IQD’s rate this week….

But, I’ve heard him say this far too many times in the past to put any credibility to his words.

I don’t really expect it to be that simple, Maliki meets Obama, goes home and the rate changes. No way!

And just what do you mean Randy when you say you have some info about the initial RV rate and then the plan for the future value?  Well then buddy, don’t hold back – tell us!

So, why are you NOT willing to: “discuss that once the rv takes place” – BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW JACK S#!T!!!

Heck after the RV takes place Randy, everyone including Mr. IQD, Tony TNT, Okie Oil man as well as any other Dinarian can “discuss that [rate] once the rv takes place!”  You don’t have any real intel – just admit it!

The only real truth I cannot argue with here is his same advice to check the for the rate change rather than checking with a guru – but I’ve been saying that for over a year and a half.

Do you want to comment on Randy’s letter?  Be heard, use the comment box below.

~ Mr. IQD

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