Rant! #1GOORU sounds off on the Bank 800#s

Howdy Dinarians!

Well it looks like our post on the 800#s for the Banks and Currency Exchange really set off a touchy nerve with one of our new, regular contributors #1GOORU – take a look…


Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: RE: The so-called 800 numbers (inquiring reader and your reprint on the subject) that WF will humbly bestow on the great OOM and other “special” people.
This nonsense has graduated to a cult status, ruining lives, families, health, finances and friendships and more.
In my opinion, if WF was a socially responsible member of society, they would encourage and aid the investigative authorities by PUBLICLY, repeat PUBLICLY at their top level, refuting their direct involvement in this, or at least with certain privileged Gurus.
I’ve tried to reason with my dearest friend, who uses much of OOM’s (and the other hack gurus’) terminology to justify her stand, but seems to her it is me who is not a good financial steward of my future endowment from God, because:

  1. I don’t believe in these wonderful people sent to deliver and guide us to our God-given inheritance to come.
  2. I chose to keep my dinar in my bank safety deposit box (whereas I should buy a home safe (from one of their cronies?), since the bank safety boxes “are not insured by the Fed Gov” and “are not safe”),
  3. I won’t go to Nevada and set up a trust (imo, another one of their cronies who have made big bucks on this), and
  4. It is me who is “negative” and not faithful; and am greedy, by hanging onto the money I have at the moment instead of “being ready”.

They are totally convinced that they are the chosen ones of God because they are “the good ones”, and the most deserving and that the rest of the world is just greedy. What illusions. I am afraid of how many empty shells there will be left standing after the truth comes out and what they have been filled with is shattered.
But if it RVs before the hack gurus are exposed, I expect OOM (and other hacks) will then be accorded even more unwarranted trust and these followers will invest further in their or their cronies’ investment schemes, which will in many cases rid them of much or all of their new-gotten money. And in the meantime, it is hard for me to maintain my friendship since I won’t accept all the “directives” she is building her 24 hour day around.

I would just like to add that I agree about using Safety Deposit Boxes –

Remember, if you don’t tell anyone that you have a box, and also what you put into your Safety Deposit Box, then how will they know to “steal” Dinar from your box! 

I would also go one extra step – NEVER use the Bank that you purchased Dinar from, and after the RV, also NEVER use the same Bank that you cashed in Dinar at. 

In other words, don’t have a Bank employee sell you dinar (or cash in your dinar) then use that same Employee to go open your Safety Deposit box!  That is just careless – and could tempt a low-wadge Bank employee to break in to your box if they knew you had millions worth of IQD sitting in there.

Also, that said, any Hack Guru who thinks it is just that easy – clearly is misinformed about the security and safety of a Bank’s Safety Deposit Box.

So, is #1GOORU touching your nerves?  Let me know, use the comment form!

~ Mr. IQD

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