Video: Iraqi Dinar Reality

Hello Dinarians,

This video was first brought to my attention by a good friend, Marc G who is also one of our very active participants in our “Anti Hack Guru” Skype Room.

It appears this video was assembled and posted by a Dinar Dealer, “Tampa Dinar”.  

We have never done business with TD, nor are we being compensated directly by TD for this post.

Although we don’t currently endorse any one particular Dinar Broker, we cannot argue with this short video which lends “badly needed credibility” to the idea of buying and holding Iraq’s Dinar.  

There has been so much confusion created out there by Hack Gurus, we just felt if you watched this video citing various political and financial leaders you might feel a little more confident in the IQD.  

The key, is to be patient, and never purchase more than you can afford to lose!

Take a look, decide for yourself – then, use the comment form below to let us know if it has helped you, or should we remove this post?

~ Mr. IQD

3 thoughts on “Video: Iraqi Dinar Reality

  1. I am not sure what to think of this video .. don’t know if it has been “edited” in a strategic way to make it sound like these news people are endorsing investing in Iraq or not. Any person not involved with the dinar might view this as a way to “get rich” quick … like most of the people in this investment have already.


    • Hi Tracey,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your thoughts are very valid and similar to my own.

      As I have said many times, I do personally believe that the IQD will increase in value – just not “overnight” in a “get rich quick” way as is constantly professed by the Hack Gurus who plague our community.

      ~ Mr. IQD


  2. I just got this comment in our Mail Bag from our buddy #1GOORU….

    Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
    Comment: Just watched the Tampa Dinar video. I believe this is more about investing in other opportunities in Iraq, not an endorsement of the currency revaluing. The only pro comment is actually a neutral–Jim Kramer is not saying to go buy it, but rather he can say nothing against owning it. Even though I believe it will revalue at some point, do you know anything about Tampa Dinar and their business background, who is selling it, how, etc? I would be careful presenting this video, if not. Or, if you have the time, you just might do a little research on them and let us all know!
    Would really be nice to see a trustworthy one out there. And the video is certainly not misleading ! Thanks much
    for spending the time to maintain this site. I for one appreciate your efforts for truth.


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