Rant! Jbax spent his/her Vacation Money on Dinar!

Hello Dinarians,

Boy-oh-boy friends, I sure love reading your Rants – and “Jbax” hit on a really soar subject, so I felt it was important to share it with you today!

Anonymous Name / Handle: Jbax
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October 21, 2013 at 8:22pm
One more point – They won’t even cash it in… How is that for disappointment.

October 21, 2013 at 8:21pm
Good evening. Just got off the phone with the Royal Bank here in Canada (RBC) 1-800-76x-xxxx. At this point 1 Canadian Dollar is worth 1129.17 dinars… NOT any higher.

Is this crazy or all we all totally delusional OR is this going to actually take effect.

Sorry BUT if I am not seeing a bigger picture. At this point I will NOT be buying another dime of this currency as the Bank Official indicated that I had been screwed and that absolutely nothing is coming forward about this. They are not aware and in fact recommended that I stay away from it at all costs.

Pissed: There goes my vacation money!

If you know of anything else that contradicts the above!

PLEASE advise asap by replying to this post. Cheers. NOT HAPPY


Thanks “Jbax” for your comments!  We hate to hear you say “There goes my vacation money!” which is why we always advise people to ONLY spend the money on purchasing IQD that they can afford.  Also, don’t purchase “reserves”.  

You have to treat the IQD more like a penny stock or even like gambling.  The possibility that Iraq will never revalue their currency does exist.  

That said, I personally believe that given Iraq’s resources, and the current value of their neighbor’s currency, Iraq will eventually increase the value of their IQD. 

Will it be in a few days or weeks of this writing (Oct 22, 2013) probably not.  Heck, when I bought my Dinar about 3 years ago, I was convinced it would RV in a week or two!  Its been much longer than that!  LOL!  

So, Mr. IQD – When will it RV?

I get that question a lot – so, let me just say that I agree with The IQD Team’s assessment from reading over thousands of Iraqi News articles.  I believe that only after Political stability is achieved will the environment be secure enough for the CBI to implement the plans to RV their IQD currency.  

It is therefore my estimation that since Maliki is the main cause of most of the anarchy in Iraq – we will have to wait until he is removed from power, which legally should happen in March 2014.  

Folks, that is just roughly five short months away – then add a few months for (hopefully) political stability to ensue, and maybe by Summer 2014 we will in reality be in a good position realize the revaluation of the IQD.

Tip, be sure to always only check the http://www.CBI.iq website for the current rate – there certainly is no need to call your local bank and banker.

What do you think about the post from “Jbax”?  Let me know below!

~ Mr. IQD

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