RANT! DinarHawk Sounds Off!

Hello Dinarians,

Here is another great Rant! sent to us by one of our regular readers!


Anonymous Name / Handle: dinarhawk
Comment: Why aren’t there more sites like this one that will actually post anyone’s opinion about this nonsense that has drug on for years and years? it seems like all of the pro dinar sites only post positive comments…..like God Bless you Okie, God bless you Tony,we are so thankful for you……


Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"I have yet to see anything like quit spinning us,or you a lying sack of s…

Better yet lets have Dateline investigate this whole thing and see what they come up with. Lets expose this whole thing and shut off these crooks money supply before more naive people fall into this web of lies!

If you want your Rant! posted – then type up something interesting, and we will consider posting your rant as our next featured post.

What do you think of DinarHawk’s rant?  Let us know, sound off below…

~ Mr. IQD

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