RANT! Comments about Okie – sent to Mr. IQD’s Mail Bag!

Hello Dinarians,

We decided to republish Soaware’s Rant and Comments since we felt they were, well, read for yourself….


Name / Handle – Not Required: soaware

Comment: This is the most sensible thing i have seen, and explains my mistrust of all I have read over the last several months that just never seemed to find a place to land.

“Okie is still buzzing around out there and it amazes me how he has not fun out of fuel!”

So is this the only site that agrees that an Iraqi Dinar RV is going to take place, we just don’t honestly know when?

If I understand this, it all rests on the CBI and no one knows the name of the game, including the World Bank, IMF, and all these others that have been named as players in the game. This would include the U.S. and this issue of the budget and debt ceiling.

Sure would like some feedback on that.

Yes, Soaware, there are a few other websites that agree the RV will happen besides MrIQD.com and are not like those of those Hack Gurus who are constantly calling the RV every other day / week.

At this point, yes, the CBI is a huge part of the RV – but we personally believe that the CBI is waiting on political stability within Iraq.  

Incidentally, our definition of “political stability” means Maliki is removed from the office of Prime Minister.  

It is also our opinion that the U.S. Budget has nothing to do with the Iraqi Dinar RV.

~ Mr. IQD

2 thoughts on “RANT! Comments about Okie – sent to Mr. IQD’s Mail Bag!

  1. TNT Tony has been saying “Done, Done, Done,” and it’s not even in the oven! This turkey is still in the woods and nowhere close to being caught, much less ready to be roasted and the center of attention for all to enjoy!

    There is a Goose on the loose leaving droppings all over the place, that may have it’s neck in a bind, and that is TNT! Do I hear the hammer of justice banging in front of a dark robed individual sitting in the seat of justice that may be reminding TNT they’re going to get more than “14 daily plus?” Mr. IQD delivered the goods for all to see, so take a gander.

    Really people, this should be looked at like investing in a Penny Stock! It’s affordable and has every chance to increase in value. Let all the other “Hacks” keep on “blasting” and blowing themselves full of holes reguarding their credibility. Let’s keep it real with Mr. IQD and friends.


    • Alan,

      Well said – bravo!

      Your analogy about treating the IQD like you would with a Penny Stock is spot-on!

      Everyone should only purchase what they feel comfortable with AND CAN AFFORD, nothing more, and certainly DON’T purchase “reserves / lay-a-way” programs.

      Thanks again Alan, and also I did get your private message, and thanks friend! 🙂

      Also Alan – I see you are on Skype – you should join my Anti Hack Guru room. I’ll send you a contact request.


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