RANT! Mamma g has some food for thought….

Howdy Dinarians,

If you are not in my “Anti Hack Guru” Skype Room, then you didn’t see this excellent RANT! by one of our members, Mamma g.


Her rant is so heart felt, passionate, and well, inspiring I asked her if I could re-post it here, she said yes….

Mamma g: [12:50] ok here is some food for thought … IF the IQD is the savior of the world, then why hasn’t the rate changed?  If this currency is what will save every country in trouble, why prolong the misery?  If our government has all of this IQD at their disposal AND the rate has already changed and “Whales” have already cashed out, then why is the government still shut down and what would be the point about arguing about raising the debt ceiling when the supposed solution has already been completed?  I would challenge any Hack Guru to answer that question with an intelligent response and not some BS about the PTB, blah blah blah.  We are no longer a “small select ” group.  I would bet there are way more dinar holders than anyone knows about. All of this “James Bond” super secret intel for select ears only is BS and everyone knows it. It’s funny how only a few select people in the banking industry knows about it AND that a few select people in the banking industry can even discuss it.  The further you dig the deeper the S*** gets.  I dare any intel giver to construct a dissertation with facts that can be backed up and confirmed for all eyes to see … not just other guru’s who are in this for the exact reason they are, which is to make money off of the unsuspecting people who honestly believe that they really do have legitimate contacts who actually know something.  If anyone of these guys had all of these important contacts, then why are they sitting on the computer all day?

LOL!!!  Do you think any of those Hack Gurus will even respond?  Not likely in my opinion!

But, you are welcome to join us in our Anti Hack Guru Skype room, or post a comment below!

~ Mr. IQD

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