Let’s See if Tony TNT is a liar….. Mr. IQD to give Tony 1,000,000 IQD!

Hello Dinarians,

Well, unless you have been under a rock in this community, no doubt you have heard the twisted rants coming out of Tony “TNT’s” mouth lately.

On today’s call (Oct 7, 2013) he concluded his call with the following (as transcribed by Kimberly):

Everything is good. All agreements are in place. We are awaiting an activation time. It is scheduled for this evening or tomorrow morning. It’s not about us – this deal wasn’t put together for us. We will see how they make it look to the public. It’s about countries and global economies for the next 300-400 years. It’s not about us. I’ve gotten 6 confirmations that it’s being announced in Iraq that they now have the highest currency in the region and the world. These are all different sources, gov’t agencies and contractors. I have 6 confirmations that it is happening right now on their TVs, even tho some are saying they can’t see it. That’s okay. Let’s see what happens and hopefully I’ll be doing another call today. We should be seeing it rather soon. If something happens that will affect your day I will do a blast. Enjoy your day! END OF CALL.

Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"So, Tony says he has “6 confirmations that it is happing right now on their TVs“.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 if Tony “TNT” is correct, and the “RV” did happen today, October 7th, 2013 at the $25+ rate… THEN,

I, Mr. IQD, will personally deliver to Tony TNT the amount of: 1,000,000 IQD 

The Delivery will be LIVE ON VIDEO so you can all watch me hand Tony the IQD equivalent of: $25 Million Dollars before the end of this week!  

I will have it broadcast LIVE using YouTube (Google Hangouts) and you all can watch me PERSONALLY HAND TO Tony 1,000,000 Iraqi IQD – not only will you see “who” Mr. IQD really is – but you will also get to see me LIVE APOLOGIZE TO TONY FOR DOUBTING HIS WORD!


Now, I expect that tomorrow, Tuesday Oct. 8th it UNFORTUNATELY will NOT “RV” and that does make me sad, because I want this to happen as much as any of you!!!

But, I have to face reality, and the reality is, as long as Maliki is in there as Prime Minister – disrupting the country with his Sectarian Agenda and killing an average of 1,000 innocent Iraqi Citizens per month – the IQD will NOT “RV”.  

It is my opinion that we will unfortunately have to face reality, that we will have to wait until Maliki’s term runs out in March of 2014.  

Do I hope it happens sooner, you bet I do!

But I honestly cannot lie to you and the Dinarian Community each and every week giving FALSE HOPE like Tony (and other Hack Gurus) do!

Facts are Facts and Opinions are Opinions – Tony is confusing his opinion for facts – and in my book THAT JUST AIN’T HONEST

~ Mr. IQD

4 thoughts on “Let’s See if Tony TNT is a liar….. Mr. IQD to give Tony 1,000,000 IQD!

    • Thanks Len for your regular contributions and wisdom to the Dinar Community! 🙂

      If I had a “brownie point” or “gold star sticker” available – I’d give you one for sure! 🙂


  1. MrIQD are there any people that provide verified facts that you would recommend we listen to? I find the daily “There is a 99.999% chance it will happen in the morning” from self proclaimed gurus to be hard to swallow. However, finding reliable sources has been almost non-existent.


    • Hi Steve,

      I can only suggest that you listen to The IQD Team Connection – they are the ONLY conference call (and team) that I continue to listen to.

      I started listening to this team back when they were know as “The Call Squad” – and I have followed this core group despite many changes over these years.

      I feel they only concern them with real news from Iraq, and try their best to translate it, then analyze it.

      I don’t feel that they put a “one-sided” spin on the news, they will tell you the news “good – bad – or indifferent”.

      You can get their Conference Call schedule – and get on their mail list at: http://www.TheIQDTeamConnection.com

      ~ Mr. IQD


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