TNT – Ready To “Blow Up” In District Court – Due Oct 7th!

Hat Tip:  PelicanNest5 one of our regular contributors to our “Anti-Hack Guru” Skype Room, thanks buddy! 

Howdy fellow Dinarians,

Well, Summer is over.  If you’ve missed your buddy Mr. IQD, I’ve been hanging out with like-minded friends in our Skype Room.  You can join in on the fun, just send me a request.

By the way, has it “RV’d Yet”????  LOL, well, we know the answer is “No” and even though your buddy Mr. IQD would stay up late at night with Mrs. IQD – the RV was not what was on our mind.  Summer evenings sipping fine wine ($2-buck Chuck) and listening to good music was mainly on the menu.  🙂

Come visit all of us in the Anti Hack Guru Skype Room to keep your sanity, or wait for my next post, when ever that is…. LOL!!!

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Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"as to Anthony Renfrow, William Fox.

Motions due by 10/7/2013. Response deadline 10/14/2013.

Motion Hearing set for 10/21/2013 at 09:30 AM in Courtroom 463 (CM) before District Judge Carlos Murguia.

Excludable started as to Anthony Renfrow, William Fox 2/25/13 thru 10/21/13.

Signed by District Judge Carlos Murguia on 3/8/2013


5 thoughts on “TNT – Ready To “Blow Up” In District Court – Due Oct 7th!

  1. What are the actual charges being brought against Anthony Renfrow, William Fox.??

    What is it that they alledgedly did ?

    Could not figure it out from the information given…

    Thank you.


    • I clicked on the link also and do not want to pay for the Document service – but there is a suit filed by the US Government against those two guys.

      Everyone is presumed innocent until they are proven guilty.

      But, the Government usually does not go around filing suits against people for no cause – i.e. “if there is smoke, there may be fire”! So, it looks like we will learn more in October!

      I would recommend that you ask Tony – maybe he will tell you the truth – or, maybe he will tell you to “mind your own business, and that is no big deal.”

      Ask him, let me know what the great TNT has to say!

      If someone does have the copy of the complete filing, and wishes to share it, I will repost it here.
      ~ Mr. IQD


  2. 11-18-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony UPDATE: Just got word that the rate of $3.44 in Iraq should reach the rate of $3.87 by later today or tomorrow. That is straight from the 3 letter agency. Enjoy your day, the RV is coming to you.The reason we have to wait for it to reach this level is very simple. That’s the numbers that are in the system to make all of the countries come out to the rates that were agreed upon.

    Not true need proof!

    11-18-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony The rates have moved up – still double-digits – over $38!! The VNN rate today is $10. The Rupiah is still $1.08 and ZIM is $.22. I just got text, UST message, the rate is 3.44 in iraq and they are waiting for the rate to hit 3.87 before they authorize it. I have no idea what will make it go to 3.87 or the time frame for it. I’m as excited as you are today. It’s the 1st time in three years I’m actually a little nervous. [post 3 of 3]

    The only truth spoken here ” I have no idea ”

    11-18-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony The bank people have been called in this morning. They were told they will be busy. We were told it will be sometime today, tonight. I’m now hearing it could go late into the night. The 800’s are out but we just don’t have them yet. It’s coming. We are the final step. Don’t expect it to show on CBI. You will probably hear about it and go to bank before you see CBI change. [post 2 of 3….stay tuned]

    The CBI is the first place it will show up He doesn’t want you to go there because it’s the truth. USA bank before you see CBI change really utter clap trap!

    Read more:


    • HI Paul,

      Thanks for your rants! I’m super busy today, but I may make one of your rants a featured rant on the main website.

      I would also like to add, in response to your comments, that I have recently decided to revenue share with by participating in their WordAds program, which puts a few select ads on my website.

      This helps me to pay the costs, and maybe will even get me a few extra dollars to buy Mrs. IQD something nice this year for Christmas – since the RV has not yet happened.

      That said, I still do NOT accept any direct paid advertising from Dinar Brokers like other websites. It may be possible if their ads are placed in to the WordPress WordAds system that they may end up on my website – but so far I have not seen any such ads.

      ~ Mr. IQD


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