4 thoughts on “Tony-TNT-Renfrow

  1. I too am one of those persons who listen to your CC’s three days per week while I hear you consistently tell us if we are not mature enough to accept the information then we should not call the show. Well Tony when you invest in some commodity, you should follow the information and determine where it is leading. I am a very mature women and because I held you in such high regard, I continued to listen however I find it odd you are always addressing immature issues such as “I have been checked out by the IRS, CBI, FBI and so on. You continue to defend yourself when folk post negatives when in my opinion when you have integrity you don’t address the ignorant while giving them space on limited talk shows. Every single time you come on the air you lead us to believe this is the day, this is our week, the day is not over, look for it in the morning, it will happen this weekend, all of my sources say it will happen any moment, it is going to happen, the president signed off on it, the bank are ready, there are no more glitches, nothing can stop this now, the system is working 100%, don’t worry we are here now, done, done, done, take your phone to bed with you, this will be your last peaceful night of rest, we are closer than we’ve ever been and on and on and on. You always start your shows encouraging folk to know you are the real deal and have all the facts. How much longer are you going to continue taking advantage of so many people before you tell us the truth about this hoax. Yes I will continue to listen as I want to be there when you go down in smoke. Now I am smart enough to know sometimes people can be mean while accusing others of fraud but far too many folk are referring to you as such and public documents reveal your formal scams of life. I hope you walk out of your home one day right into the slugs of a double barrel shotgun. You deserve it.


    • Well, we were with you all they way until the last sentence

      “I hope you walk out of your home one day right into the slugs of a double barrel shotgun. You deserve it.”

      In our opinion, TNT does not deserve to be shot with a shotgun – just having him arrested and thrown in jail and hopefully lose all his “dinar wealth” would be justice enough for me.

      To see Tony live a life in prison or destitute and broke would be a much better punishment in my opinion! LOL!!!

      Thanks for your opinion! 🙂


      • My bad. Thanks for the encouragement. You are so right, no one not even the worst of us deserve to literally be fired upon with assault weapons and to wish such at thing is not only irresponsible but mean and immature. I do apologize to all especially minors that could or might have access to this post. Let’s instead pray for our own prosperity and that persons like Tony if he is indeed whom he as been accused of being wind up reaping what he has sewn. We all make mistakes but if the dinar hype is a scam, this is just too cruel of a game to play with our emotions and money which makes me so angry.


      • Hi Cheryl – thanks for your 2nd response. BTW, do you have a Skype name? I would love to have you join us in our “Anti Hack Guru” Skype room. 🙂

        Yes, I do feel for you about the prospect of the IQD being a “scam” – however I sincerely and honestly believe that Iraq has a lot of potential just looking at it in a purely “surface value” they have an estimated 2nd largest reserve of oil with Saudi Arabia being #1.

        Iraq also has the most natural minerals of any country in the region, and they have the minerals needed to produce fertilizer – which means they they supply the food producing countries with this to make money, as well as supply it to their own farmers!

        Lastly, Iraq has an enormous supply of gold that needs to be abstracted from the ground – though it is very “fine” and it is costly to extract, apparently there is an enormous wealth of gold just sitting in their soil.

        Considering these natural resources as the only factor – I would expect that their currency value at one point will better reflect these great resources and will rise in value. 🙂


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