ALERT – “…there is nothing left to do regarding preparing for the changing in their currency value!” – Oh Really!!!

English: The dinar within recent years. Curren...

English: The dinar within recent years. Currently in use. Previously used. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well a Good Howdy To our fellow Dinarians,

Look, we want the Iraqi Dinar to “revalue” just as bad as anyone else, especially Mrs. IQD – she has been pestering me for a while now.

But, let’s just face a little dose or reality, before we get too excited, and HYPED UP by these hack Gurus out there!

Listen, I’ve been reading the Hack Guru’s boards as well as the websites that repost their garbage, and I keep seeing the same “line” to the effect of:

“…there is nothing left to do regarding preparing for the changing in their (Iraq‘s Dinar) currency value!!!” 

                      – Hack Guru


Well, I’ve seen it so many times in the past, and I’m sure you have too.

Well, in tribute to my previous feature: “This Day In RV History” here are a few links where the talk was “convinced” that it was “done” nothing left to do, like snow melting in the sun!

August 2012 – LINK – or copy & paste:

February 2012 – LINK – or copy & paste:

There are a bunch more, easy to find on Google, so I think you get the idea….

So, just remember we really need to see STABILITY in Iraq’s Government as well as in their Financial System.  

Are we seeing the start of “stability” – in my opinion, “yes” based on the real news that has recently been coming out, “yes” we are seeing more signs of stability – but, seeing signs of stability, although encouraging, does not mean that Maliki has changed his “stripes” and we also still have that Turki running the CBI.

So, be encouraged, but please be patient, and don’t let yourself get “burned” by the hype and garbage that these Hack Gurus are putting out right now.  


~ Mr. IQD

2 thoughts on “ALERT – “…there is nothing left to do regarding preparing for the changing in their currency value!” – Oh Really!!!

  1. I got kicked off the TNT dinar forum. My crime was that I posted all these failed RV calls by Poppy, TerryK and Okie. I didn’t understand why people would post the above gurus calls that the RV is here when they have been calling a thousand times over the past several years and have been wrong. Why were they still posting the fake calls? So I posted a response showing all the wrong calls throughout the years. I got banned from the TNT dinar site. They obviously don’t want the truth and they want to post hopium that is fake regardless of how wrong the others have been in the past. It’s really sad to see how dumbed down the people have become b/c the followers on his site are like cult victims who would gladly lick TNT Tony’s dingle-berries if asked to. They don’t allow you to post any negativity..which means don’t point out any facts about TNT TONY being wrong like 50 times. But keep worshiping his dingle berries. It made me very sad seeing human nature and how giving people hopium and providing false info makes people worship others dingle berry farts. I was disgusted to say the least. I hope the RV happens soon so the dingle berry cult followers of TNT Tony could stop their cult worshiping bc I still get emails from people who just post all the fake guru stuff forgetting the hundred times the info has been wrong in the past. It’s sickens me. Anyway, thanks for the new site. It’s awesome.


    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your comments about being booted for posting the truth about these Hack Guru’s failed Calls for the “RV”.

      I’m a bit puzzled by your final statement when you say: “Anyway, thanks for the new site…” New Site? I’ve only been around for 2.5+ years… LOL!!!

      Well my fellow Dinarian, I’m glad you found my site now and thanks again for your great comment!

      ~ Mr. IQD


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