You’re Invited To Okie’s “POST RV” Party – Photos & Details

We have been hearing rumblings about various “Post RV” parties in the Dinar Community.

Well, it got our contributor Marc G thinking, what if Okie the Oil Man were to give a “Post RV” party – what would it be “like”?

Below in our Gallery are some seriously “out of context” photos for humor’s sake!

Enjoy!  Careful, you may just crack a smile, or bust a gut chuckling!  LMFAO!!!

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2 thoughts on “You’re Invited To Okie’s “POST RV” Party – Photos & Details

  1. Ghosh dern it, eyes didn’t know,okie n wife in the know were knocking boot straps. There they b in that there Ghosh dern pickture in your sliding show. I’ll be horn swoggled yep going to run down younder tell Evey body DAT what I just learnt about them 2. And them french kissing gals in that sliding show.ewh wee. Say can u tell me why they stuck thar tongues out at yee.? Boy dat oilpan okie he shore no how ta throw a party. He such a nice feller u know I gota talkin with him about that rv. Glad I did coz I b thinkin rv was meanin revalue somethin like gat. Restorative vesting what he told me, how it works is I give him all my Dinars so he can restore them fer me until they meature. Once they meature the okie say its okie dokie to vest them. He such a smart feller. I just gave him all my dinaaars right then n Thar. Glad I came at the party. He said DAT be fine to.

    Lol hope u enjoyed my attempt@humor


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