Happy Independence Day America!

Hello Dinarians,

Well, our country’s Birthday is on us again, and we not only find ourselves one year older, but one year wiser as well.

Today I’m not going to point out the idiotic things that are being said by our community’s “mental patients” (a.k.a. our “Hack Gurus”) for fear of being see as “insensitive”!!!

Instead, I would like to take just a moment to honor you, our Dinarian friends as well as give a HUGE Thanks to the many participants in our “Anti Hack Guru” Skype Room Chats including daily participants:

  • MarcG  (the very sarcastic Gourmet Chef)
  • Kimberly  (sweet until you “cross her”)
  • Flybtsomp
  • Steven Jackbomb
  • OW   (yes, that’s his handle – sound’s painful huh?  LOL!)
  • Scottsdale  (who probably doesn’t live in AZ….  )
  • Rick
  • Trudy
  • Mamma G  (cause everyone loves their mama!)
  • rLucy
  • RickRodrigo
  • MarcG  (oh wait, mentioned him, well he posts so darn much….  😉
  • AC 
  • Tanya
  • and many more great contributors….
  • MrIQD.com  (is it ‘wrong’ to mention that I also post & comment?)

Well, there are many more who chime in from time to time as well, but many just stick around for a good laugh at the expense of these idiotic hack gurus who keep calling the “RV” every other week!  Hey guys/gals why didn’t it “RV” when Ch. 7 was lifted like you said it would….  Ding Dongs!!!

So, join in on the hourly and daily rants and fun in our Skype room, it’s free, you are not pressured to EVER purchase ANYTHING, and always encouraged to RANT about anything you saw posted in a Hack Guru’s room!  🙂


Lets all prey that this year is our final and last year waiting for Iraq to get their “act” together and enable our long-awaited blessing for not only us, but more importantly for the millions of impoverished living in Iraq.

Can you imagine how horrible it must be to go through one of their Summers?  You think you have it bad here in America now where much of our Country is going through a heat wave.. OMG!

Again, Happy July 4th America!

~ Mr. IQD

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