CH. 7 Lifted by UN Today – But please beware…

Hello Dinarians,

Well, today I have mixed feelings about the GREAT news from the UN Secruity Council lifting the Chapter 7 from Iraq today.

(Reuters) – The U.N. Security Council brought Iraq one step closer on Thursday to ending United Nations sanctions imposed on Baghdad more than two decades ago after former President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait In 1990.

The 15-member council unanimously agreed that the issue of missing Kuwaiti people, property and archives should be dealt with under Chapter 6 of the U.N. Charter – which urges… CONTINUE @ REUTERS

Here is why I have “mixed feelings” about this great news:

The “hack Gurus” will use this as an opportunity to spew their “BS” garbage “intel” on our great community with the primary purpose (IMO) to get people to rush out and buy more IQD Dinar that they really cannot afford!

Also, these “hack gurus” want to get people to buy in to Reserves and Lay-A-Way programs which you may not be able to afford.  A word of caution, not all Dinar Brokers are “created equal” and many out there (IMO) will not have the scrupels or the financial strength to honor a “reserve” after the IQD does revalue, so shop wisely if you feel you can afford a “reserve”.

And lastly, don’t rush out to buy in to any financial products, any “group” programs, any schemes, trusts, corporations, etc.  Friends, there will be plenty of time to do this AFTER the actual revaluation of the IQD, so don’t get burnt buying a financial product now, and especially DO NOT give your IQD to ANYONE TO “HOLD” FOR YOU!!!

Now, on to why Ch. 7 will not cause the IQD to “RV” by the end of the month, or tomorrow, or what other garbage the Hack Gurus are telling you today:

1)  Maliki is still in power!

2) Shabibi (or a suitable, qualified replacement) is still NOT in control of the CBI.

The lifting of Chapter 7 was meerly a “Next Step” as LJ on the IQD Team likes to say, or part of an ongoing “process” as Straight Talking Mike likes to remind people.

So, please don’t get caught up in the hype, and please don’t let your dinarian friends fall for it either.  

Yes, today’s even was GREAT, and I actually do have a small smile on my face, but I have to remind myself, that several times over these many years that I had been convinced it was going to “RV”, only to be disappointed, so please remember, today is a very positive day, but only a step in the right direction!  

Next I’m looking for the castration of Maliki, or total removal of him – i.e. calls for an Early Parliamentary Elections – not waiting for March 2014.  Also, look for that Turki to be extracted from the CBI.

Have an EXCELLENT day friends!

~ Mr. IQD

6 thoughts on “CH. 7 Lifted by UN Today – But please beware…

  1. Thank u so much for the update. I read somewhere, that someone said when the price of gold goes down its a sign the Dinar will Rv soon. Gold is down to a spot price of $1229.xx. Do u think that is a true sign as referenced? What’s your opinion on the RV rate or do u think it will be RI? Since its new currency with new faces can it be RI? No I am not getting to excited. I want to know what u think. Btw,no I don’t have a computer so no skype,just my cell.

    Be blessed n thanks Love the video on the oilpan oh oilman lol


    • Hello,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments and questions.

      I personally don’t believe there is any “vodoo magic” tied to the “RV” of the Iraqi Dinar – it is not “tied” to anything such as gold, silver, the weather in Arizona, Wells Fargo, or anything else a Hack Guru comes up with! 🙂

      As to the if the IQD will either “RV” or “RI” it would be irresponsible for me to say for sure it will do one over the other. However, my opinion is that it will revalue with a managed float, over being reinstated to its former rate. But, honestly either way works for me, so long as we see a rate that is significantly “better” than the current rate offered by the CBI. We will be $Millionaires!!! :0)

      Regarding Skype, if you have a smartphone, you can get the Skype App, and join in on our fun using your phone.

      ~ Mr. IQD


  2. Thank u for the bit of sanity. I apologize for my seemingly tardy reply. A friend recommended your site for realistic news. It is refreshing to actually read intelligence as it unfolds with a splash of humor as one does on your site. There are not words that describe the mounted sewage printed out of social phonication that relates to those who compiled their names from a 1937 cracker jackbox. I believe you know their names.

    Again, many thanks


    • Gideon,

      If you have a free Skype account, I would recommend that you join in on our daily fun in our “Anti Hack Guru” Skype Room. I think with your wit you would really enjoy participating! 🙂

      ~ Mr. IQD


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