F.Y.I. The “ABOUT Mr. IQD” Page Was Just Updated With This Notice…

Happy Superbowl Sunday Dinarians,

We received a private email last night that brought to our attention a matter which we felt should be clarified about our “No Advertising / No Compensation” Policy.

The below excerpt from our page was just added to explain our position on this question, as well as the comment from the reader who rose this question to us in his/her private email.  We just want to thank him/her for bringing this up, and we wanted you to know we “heard you”.  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

MrIQD.com is 100% FREE (Well Almost) – When we first started the MrIQD.com website nearly a year ago, we hosted it on our servers and paid for the bandwidth.  Since we don’t endorse Dinar Brokers or take any kind of outside revenue, or donations to pay the bills, the bandwidth was getting to be a bit of a monthly burden to pay for, especially lately as our popularity has exploded over the past few months, receiving thousands of new viewers each month, with tens of thousands of page views, and the average visitor will view an average of 3 pages!!!  Folks, this growth has been AMAZING!!!

We chose to have this website hosted on the WordPress servers for “FREE” a few months ago.  Well, the only one “string” to “FREE” was that WordPress has at its option to occasionally add their own advertising to our website.  We have watched this, and have not seen any serious problems with WordPress adding ‘Ads’.

Now, why do we mention this now (Feb. 3, 2013), well because we got some feedback from one of you, our loyal readers, who was a little ticked off when they saw a WordPress Banner Ad, here is there message as we received it last night:

I clicked on the link "WatchMrIQD" to see what it was about. When I noticed this statement under the person who posted "frothbucket1" the video. "Don't waste your time on the Iraqi Dinar. How about you actually make money by switching your phone plan to something that pays you? www.freelyspea..." To me this goes against your no advertising policy, which you claim. I am disappointed with the conflict of this information. Makes me say hmmmm! Why?

Which is why we felt it only prudent to update this section “About Mr. IQD” to clarify this situation.  Therefore, it is still 100% true, we don’t take any compensation so we can stay 100% unbiased to our commitment to seeking only truth in the IQD / Dinar Community.

So, we feel it has been a fair trade-off with using WordPress, and we don’t receive any other benefit, other than not having to pay for costly bandwidth.  Of course, all the web mastering is done by ourselves, out of our own pockets!  You can NOT even “Donate” to us, because we don’t want your money.

2 thoughts on “F.Y.I. The “ABOUT Mr. IQD” Page Was Just Updated With This Notice…

  1. You will never be able to make the world happy. Don’t even try! You are doing a great job. I would be glad if you did make some money. How does anyone in their right mind expect you to spend all your time on this and not get paid? Some people would not be happy if we had an RV today at a rate of $5. I’m not happy because I thought we would get $7. Well, you need to grow up and join the real world! Thanks! Len Holliday


    • Hi Len,
      Great to hear from you again! You should join the “Anti Hack Guru” Skype Room! LOL!!! I’d love to have you in there too! 🙂

      Yes, you are right, some people can’t ever be satisfied, but the clarification needed to be made, especially since it had been unintentionally overlooked when we transferred the website from our servers over to the WordPress Servers. That move also cost us our email database the headache of having to “re-subscribe” to the post updates, etc. So, there was a lot going on, and it just had not been done yet. So, I was happy that person “reminded” me by their comments. It was something that should have been done earlier. 🙂


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