Skype Room Chat – Jan 28th, 2013


January 28th is today’s post.  We will see rhetoric from the likes of several Hack Guru’s including: PTR’s Dan & Tony, Hoosier at Dinar Vets.

There is a lot of discussion today between the members about Dan’s previous “past” with his Gas MLM Business, and lots of new input from new members of our Skype Board.  You can too be part of the fun, just send me a message.

Lastly, quick note to Maxine from Australia, your Skype ID that you gave to me seems to be blocked; as I can pull it up, but I cannot “add” that ID as a “friend/contact” or to the “Anti Hack Guru” board.  So, we are not ignoring you, myself and the other Mods just cannot “add” your ID for some reason.

Note:  I tried to highlight all of MarcG’s comments in “Green” – hope I got them all.


[1/28/2013 7:14:16 AM] OW: Put you Dinar goggles on a get a crook of this:
[1/28/2013 7:14:22 AM] OW:
Hoosier & Chase Bank Wealth Manager – Post From Dinar Vets
01/28/2013   3 Comments

I went into my local Chase bank this past Friday to take care of some things related to my accounts. I sat down with my personal banker whom I’ve known for about 2 years now.

He knows that I am invested, and he actually decided to invest himself after he and I had talked about the dinar on several occasions, and after doing some research on his own.

After my business was completed, I made a remark to him that I wish this thing would pop, so I could pay off some bills and purchase a new home… he stated that he really hopes for the same, but that he hasn’t heard anything.

Well, as I said..that was Friday. This morning, I woke up to find an email from his personal email account (not his bank email). He simply stated that during a meeting that the branch had on Saturday after closing, that they received some information from the branch manager concerning the IQD
. I truly have no idea what he found out, but he asked if I was available for lunch today…and that he would fill me in on the info atthat time!

Its not unusual for us tto have lunch together, or to get together after hours…because we have become friends over the past couple years. But he has never asked to get together because of something concerning the dinar!

I have NEVER posted a bank story..or for that matter….this is only about the 2nd or 3rd thread that I have ever started…period! I am fired up about our lunch today…and I will share any info that in get later today after we meet.

It will probably be after 5pm before I am able to post what he has to say! Just for your information, this banker handles wealth management for my region for this bank. I don’t know if he is involved in foreign currencies or not. Just thought I’d share what I woke up to this morning! God bless!! Go RI!!
[1/28/2013 8:00:46 AM] Mr. IQD: Oh goodie “Bank Stories”!!!!  At least this time they mixed it up by changing the Bank’s name from Wells Fargo to Chase!!!!  Also, the “God Bless” at the end of this tall tail is a nice cherry on top!! LOL!!!!
[1/28/2013 8:02:46 AM] MarcG.: I’m more interested in what he’s going to order for lunch…….how the tuna there? mayo vs. miracle whip ???   Let us know…..
[1/28/2013 8:08:11 AM] cynthia berthelson: Mr. IQD and MarcG — Who is this guy “Steve” who gets posted all the time in Katsteps room????
[1/28/2013 8:09:48 AM] MarcG.: steve ????  katsteps ?????    Mr. IQD, 400 on who are this two dicks ,please.
[1/28/2013 8:10:44 AM] cynthia berthelson: MarcG — I didn’t mean to get you all upset — you have to watch your blood pressure!!! (rofl)
[1/28/2013 8:15:59 AM] Mr. IQD: Good Question Cynthia!!!!  LOL!!!!   😉
[1/28/2013 8:22:41 AM] OW: Mark (rofl)  ha! More of the same broken Guru promises day after day after day. of should I say same day different SHITE!
[1/28/2013 8:25:18 AM] MarcG.: Cyn, i have no blood, I run on ice water…
[1/28/2013 9:50:06 AM] *** Mr. IQD added jojonola  (usagirl) ***
[1/28/2013 10:29:08 AM] jojonola  (usagirl): Thanks for the add
[1/28/2013 10:47:22 AM] cynthia berthelson: MarcG — Remember — even ice water runs out sometimes — be careful but keep those remarks coming — these gurus deserve it!!!
[1/28/2013 11:18:11 AM] MarcG.: Cyn, truly,  what they deserve is a UNINARY LOBOTOMY…!!!!!
[1/28/2013 12:44:42 PM] cynthia berthelson: OOOOO — now I bet that could be very painful!!!! (rofl)  You’re so bad!
[1/28/2013 12:52:28 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): So true Marc. Is so wrong of them to give us all mis info
[1/28/2013 2:21:36 PM] MarcG.: WELCOME USAGIRL………
[1/28/2013 4:34:54 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): Thanks!
[1/28/2013 5:06:39 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): Dan at PTR is saying mid feb on rv
[1/28/2013 5:07:06 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): He is such a downer
[1/28/2013 5:22:29 PM] Mr. IQD: @ JoJonola – Dan @ PTR is a “Hack Guru” (IMO) and he has said that same thing about it going to “RV” just about every month for the past 2 years I have been following him!!!  So, SAVE your money folks, $14.95 can be spent better on a Pandora subscription and you will get a much better VALUE out of your money!!!
[1/28/2013 5:22:39 PM] OW: He is what he is…..Fake, phoney and a flat out lying guru!
[1/28/2013 5:23:53 PM] Mr. IQD: @ OW – Or, what “OW” just said…………..  LOL!!!!
[1/28/2013 5:54:03 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): So true… I made a mistake and joined a few years ago and left there.  He is a Fake for sure
[1/28/2013 6:16:58 PM] OW: It happens so don’t feel bad. I know a Pastor and to this day he still follows their BS. Unbelievable
[1/28/2013 6:19:13 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): It’s so sad there’s so many that believe them
[1/28/2013 6:20:01 PM] Steven (JACK BOMB) Robinson: he barely knows his own name how he gone say when it will rv
[1/28/2013 6:21:01 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): (rofl) have you seen those 2 OMG can you say serial
[1/28/2013 6:21:01 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): We never here about papa jack, Bella and Johnny
[1/28/2013 6:21:31 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): Johnny wg ?
[1/28/2013 6:22:11 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): That’s him
[1/28/2013 6:22:29 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): Rumor he is in Jail
[1/28/2013 6:22:41 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): Wow
[1/28/2013 6:22:50 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): thats the rumor
[1/28/2013 6:23:40 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): May be true
[1/28/2013 6:25:08 PM] OW: That’s where con artist aught to end up. (y)
[1/28/2013 6:25:10 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): could be there was all kinds of stuff going on , I hope the UST doesnt have to stay in lockdown until he gets out (rofl)
[1/28/2013 6:25:20 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): (y) OW
[1/28/2013 6:27:35 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): I got a email years ago about Dan and his criminal past… Pretty shaded dude
[1/28/2013 6:28:14 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): yes , dinar douchebags had a video with all of their pics OMG it was hillarious
[1/28/2013 6:28:37 PM | Edited 6:28:56 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): it was on youtube but its gone now , Dan is one crazy looking dude lol
[1/28/2013 6:28:46 PM] Steven (JACK BOMB) Robinson: they have racked up on mooney from membership people paying for hotdog stories and made up intel my 9 year old son got better intel on iraq than them bozos
[1/28/2013 6:29:14 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): (chuckle) steven
[1/28/2013 6:29:38 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): they make good money every month telling stories
[1/28/2013 6:30:13 PM] Steven (JACK BOMB) Robinson: i need start me a subscription so i can order more dinar and pay bills
[1/28/2013 6:30:31 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): lol I told my friend that the other day
[1/28/2013 6:30:58 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): If I was a criminal I would be rich 😀
[1/28/2013 6:31:34 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of dollars the trust people alone have made
[1/28/2013 6:32:00 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): you got everyone from trusts to mlm making tons of money
[1/28/2013 6:36:07 PM] Mr. IQD: LOL!!!!   If you Google Dan and Gas Treatment MLM – You will come across some pretty “interesting” reading!!!
[1/28/2013 6:44:40 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): I just google him and found out a lot
[1/28/2013 6:44:52 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): There a YouTube I need to watch
[1/28/2013 6:44:58 PM] jojonola  (usagirl): Bbl
[1/28/2013 6:48:56 PM] Mr. IQD: “We’ll That Waz Eazy!!!!”  LOL!!!!
[1/28/2013 6:50:10 PM] Tanyankansas ( Tanyankansas): haaaaaa


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