Okay, hello Dinarians,

We are taking a break from “bashing” those Hack Gurus to talk about a recent news story that has hit the national headlines here in America.

CREDIT: Huffington Post

The man had won a scratchers game $1 Million Jackpot, then the next day was mysteriously poisoned by someone close to him – the fingers are pointing to his second wife, who may be allegedly a gold digger.  But, the courts and detectives will sort all that out.

The reason for our letter about this today is when we read this article, we found a slew of other cases where lottery winners were killed or died under mysterious conditions – many of these cases were proven to be killings by close family or jealous friends!

So, why is this important to you and me, and our Dinar “Investment”?

Well, thinking about it you will realize that if you have even a half-million IQD, and the currency revalues to just the old Saddam era rate of around $3.32 USD to 1 IQD, then friend, you will be a Millionaire!!!  If you are holding more, then you are a multi-millionaire!!!

Now, we have talked in the past about keeping quite about owning Dinar, and especially how much IQD you actually own!!!

Furthermore, it will be critical – and possibly even a matter of life and death for you – to really consider who you talk to about your “investment” after the “RV”.

Personally, we plan to move as quietly as possible out of the area, and establish a new residence in another (more tax friendly State).  We plan to purchase a nice home in a good neighborhood, we plan to drive nice cars, but that are not “gaudy” and stick out, such as a Lamborghini or Ferrari.  After all, once we are “rich” who are we trying to “impress”???  LOL!!!

Here is an excerpt of the news article from ABC News, and if you go to the full page, look to your left, you should see listed several other similar cases.

Jan. 12, 2013

Urooj Khan had just brought home his $425,000 lottery check when he unexpectedly died the following day. Now, certain members of Khan’s family are speaking publicly about the mystery — and his nephew told ABC News they knew something was not right.

“He was a healthy guy, you know?” said the nephew, Minhaj Khan. “He worked so hard. He was always going about his business and, the thing is: After he won the lottery and the next day later he passes away — it’s awkward. It raises some eyebrows.”

The medical examiner initially ruled Urooj Khan, 46, an immigrant from India who owned dry-cleaning businesses in Chicago, died July 20, 2012, of natural causes. But after a family member demanded more tests, authorities in November found a lethal amount of cyanide in his blood, turning the case into a homicide investigation.

“When we found out there was cyanide in his blood after the extensive toxicology reports, we had to believe that … somebody had to kill him,” Minhaj Khan said. “It had to happen, because where can you get cyanide?”

In Photos: Biggest Lotto Jackpot Winners

Authorities could be one step closer to learning what happened to Urooj Khan. A judge Friday approved an order to exhume his body at Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago as early as Thursday to perform further tests.

PHOTO: Urooj Khan, center, holds a ceremonial check in Chicago for $1 million as winner of an Illinois instant lottery game, June 2012. At left, is Khan's wife, Shabana Ansari.
Urooj Khan, center, holds a ceremonial check… View Full Size
Lottery Winner Murdered: Widow Questioned By Police Watch Video
Lottery Winner Death: Wife Seeks ‘Truth’ Watch Video
Lottery Winner Murder Mystery Watch Video

Moments after the court hearing, Urooj Khan’s sister, Meraj Khan, remembered her brother as the kind of person who…  (continue reading on ABC’s website – click here)

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