Skype Room Chat – Jan 9, 2013



[1/9/2013 2:29:07 PM] Mr. IQD: ***** OUR FIRST DEBUNK ******  WELLS FARGO RUMORS *******
[1/9/2013 2:29:33 PM] Mr. IQD: I just found this posted to DinarRecaps
[1/9/2013 2:29:35 PM] Mr. IQD: jazzergirl] Hi all….haven’t been in for a while. Just talked to WF and the Customer Service lady. Asked her if our Mgr. had gotten any more news on Dinar. She said not today but the sooner the better for everybody! I agreed and just hung up! GO RV!
[1/9/2013 2:30:48 PM] Mr. IQD: So, how many times over the past several years have we heard about “Wells Fargo”???  We have several posts on our main website that shows Gurus talking about their “inside Executive VP” blah blah blah that has the “real story”…
[1/9/2013 2:31:10 PM] Mr. IQD: Strange, it is always from “Wells Fargo”… LOL!!!
[1/9/2013 2:32:02 PM] Mr. IQD: If I was not so cynical – I would think that some WF execs are using the Dinar Community to spread the word about their Bank and their services……
[1/9/2013 2:32:49 PM] Mr. IQD: Anyways, for the Newbies in our community, just Google for Wells Fargo, IQD, Dinar – see how many posts pop up, you can see it goes back years!!!
[1/9/2013 2:33:23 PM] Mr. IQD: So, don’t waste your time listening to some “Hack” Guru telling you about their super secret high level contact.
[1/9/2013 2:33:27 PM] Mr. IQD: 🙂
[1/9/2013 2:34:02 PM] Mr. IQD: ***** Any Mods or Members Wish To Add to it, please help yourself ***

4 thoughts on “Skype Room Chat – Jan 9, 2013

  1. I appreciate you guys telling the truth about the RV! I was a stockbroker for 20 years in Anderson, S.C. and you are very right when you say these guys that always seem to have an inside contact at WF. They are full-of-it! They don’t know anymore than you are I with regard to RV timing or anything else for that matter! There is no need to lie about this stuff. It is just like any other investment you would put your hard earned money into; You just want to hear the truth! Thanks for telling us the truth! Len Holliday(Retired stockbroker).


    • Len – thanks again for commenting!!! 🙂 We are glad to help build a loud “voice” against those Hack Gurus who continuously lie to the Dinarian community!!! In fact, we just found a great example that we debunked in our Skype Room!!! LOL!!!



    Dinar Recaps is filled with people educating themselves from BLOGS not NEWS or the Source. Im starting to get annoyed with these people. Are they really this stupid to think that just another small issue. Now its the 2013 budget then it will be the Unrest in Iraq then it will be this and that. The truth:

    The CBI has the Authority to change the value of the Currency.

    It has been floated about Re-DENomination(striking the zeros) and the country will not do this for a long time if ever!!! PERIOD END OF STORY, look up the parliament for this info and CBI.

    The Ratio of the M2 money supply in Iraq controls the rate.

    Wells Fargo is not Hiring alot of new Personal Bankers to deal with this. Personal Bankers are salesman of small business and consumer services. PRIVATE CLIENT SERVICES deals with wealth management and they dont care about money they want to loan money out.

    I called Wells Fargo Advisors and even spoke to a senior vp. Wells Fargo would not buy or be stupid enough to pay this (3.4x rate).

    CBI website you can see inflation rate and interest rate and currency auctions.

    If the rate all of a sudden becomes 3.42 and you have a 25000 IQD note this would be a nightmare for security and handling Exchanges in a local small bank branch of Wells Fargo.

    The rate will SLOWLY strengthen against the USD. Just look at the Singapore Dollar for an example.

    The real truth, Speculators need to understand that FX investments are very risky. Yes the Dinar is undervalued in my opinion and if the Kuwait Dinar is used as an example for value then IQD is a great speculation. The country is still in turmoil. I give the RV 2-3 years before the currency SLOWLY begins to appreciate.

    Im tired of all the stupid pumpers and sheep that follow. I feel like these people that believe blogs are honestly stupid.


    • AMEN CHAD!!!!

      Folks, Chad is now also a new member of our Mr. IQD’s Anti “Hack” Guru Skype Room – you can join also and get more of Chad’s GREAT comments and insight!!!

      ~ Mr. IQD


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