Dr. Ayad Allawi’s Interview on Al Rasheed TV. 9 Jan 2013‏

Here is the latest email from Dr. Allawi’s office.

I had a little trouble with the video link they gave below – the actual direct link to you tube is:

The only problem with this video – it is not in English…….  Therefore, if you have someone you know who can translate, maybe there is news or dialogue of interest?  Please let us know if you can get it translated, and we will publish it here (and give you credit if you want).

Here is the Google translate of the letter below:

Dr. Iyad Allawi solution a guest on the channel (good) on Wednesday evening 01/09/2013 within the program “talk” Interviewed by the media (Ali Imad), and to view a full meeting please access the following link:


Information department

Original Text in Email Press Release

حـــــــل الدكتور ايـــــــاد علاوي ضيفاً على قناة (الرشيـــــد) مساء يوم الاربعاء الموافق 9/1/2013 ضمن برنامج “حديثهم” حاوره الاعلامي (علي عماد)، ولمشاهدة اللقاء كاملاً الرجاء الدخول على الرابط التالي:


الدائرة الاعلامية

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