A Summary of the Current Crisis in Iraq, and Maliki’s Rapid Loss of His Power!

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The following is a well done summary of the current crisis in Iraq, and Maliki’s rapid loss of his Power!

This also includes some of Arthur’s opinion, which we feel is right on target!

Hopefully it will give you a better perspective of the recent News.

Happy New Year Dinarians!

~ Mr. IQD

Posted: January 3, 2013 @ 7:41 am (EST) by Arthur

IMHO it is now quite obvious that those that keep touting that this is out of Iraq’s hands are totally misguided. The whole world, including the US and China wants this to
happen yesterday but not under the conditions currently prevailing in Iraq.

Iraq is in total chaos which is totally counterproductive for the initiation of a currency change at this particular moment. All we have to do is apply a little common sense.

When the political situation in the US is unstable what generally happens to our markets and our currency? They usually go down and not up. If we had total chaos in our streets with national demonstrations in all our major cities calling for the withdrawal of confidence or resignation of our President what would the markets and the currency be doing right now? More than likely plummeting like a stone.

What makes anybody think the same thing wouldn’t happen to the IQD if it RV’d at this moment under the current chaotic conditions occurring in Iraq? It is so bad that the head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, has called for the convening of an extraordinary session on Sunday to discuss the current political crisis, urging all members of the House of Representatives to come to the meeting….in other words this is so urgent that for the first time that I can recall he is DEMANDING that they have quorum.

This is why we have a delay in the voting and implementation of their budget that by all accounts should be in RVd IQD.

We also see Kuwait all but begging the UN to release Iraq from Chap VII so they can get on with doing trade with their oil rich neighbor with co-equal currencies but we see no results from the meetings due to the aforementioned chaotic situation in Iraq.

In his last desperate attempt to hang on to the little power he has left, the badly weakened and politically moribund Prime Minister is now threatening violent retaliation for the demonstrations calling them unconstitutional but Speaker Osama Najafi, who recently converted to an assocciation of opposition leaders to the government quickly announced that the right to demonstrate is constitutionally guaranteed, and no one can prevent the Iraqi citizens from doin so.

He said that Iraq, today is VERY SENSITIVE, there are constitutional violations THAT POSE A THREAT TO THE FUTURE OF IRAQ AND KIRKUK.

We also now see the powerful cleric Sadr, (The Chest) calling for the resignation of Maliki confirming his support for the demonstrations in Ramadi, Salahuddin, Diyala and Nineveh…. and we have the US administration finally throwing him [Maliki] under the bus so he will get no more support from us as he had been getting up until now.

The timing of this latest universal opposition to Maliki right before the budget and Chap VII release tells us that a hornets nest has been diliberately unleashed on Maliki’s hind parts for a reason. And that reason IMO is none other than to finally install some form of the original Erbil power sharing be it under the Federal Council or whatever mechanism they will have in place but I do not believe it will be long now as I believe this thing is timed to happen before the UNAMI cuts off the money in mid February.

So instead of listening to the ridiculous musings and uneducated guesses of rumor gurus… all we have to do is look at Iraq and watch this unfold before our eyes as we make sure we are now truly ready for this life as well as world changing event to occur.

Thanks Arthur for your time to write such a helpful piece! 😉

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~ Mr. IQD

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