WORLD NEWS AGENCIES REPORT – Maliki is now in the Eye of the Storm!

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Maliki is now in the Eye of the Storm!

Read world news’ agencies take on the situation in the Arab region, they say they are stunned, and can only say: Oh my God! Bahrain has recently seen a sectarian movement, Syria reportedly is realizing a Sunni revolution, and today in Iraq we are seeing the occurrence of Sunni protests.

Some media agencies have criticized
governments for this simple reason, we can’t believe they haven’t learned the lessons provided by our coverage of Arab springs within the region, there have been fatal errors committed, most importantly that of flatness, populism, and excessive use of inaccurate terms. For what we are seeing in Iraq now, wrongfully calling it a Sunni revolt, but just that while he said some in Iraq are plainly against Maliki and want him dropped. The Iraqi Government has dealt huge injustices all year and all Iraqis long for a time when powers can be ruled with fairness, but the greatest of all injustices is the reign of Maliki of Iraq itself and all social components. In Iraq Maliki has discounted the Kurdish by clashing with them. Maliki also discounted civilian political forces, including the secular Shiite political leadership; most notably the example is the right of Dr. Ayad Allawi, and the same applies of course to the moderate Sunni leaders, even secular, who do not use religion in politics, and there is of course the stark situation, what is happening to Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi.

This is not everything, of course, issues exist between Maliki and the Sadrists, particularly Moqtada al-Sadr, who once said that Maliki only wants to see Iraq’s funeral! Were it not for Iranian pressure on Maliki and the Sadrists for an event that had not so dire consequences, but after all, we can say it has a story sectarian, or is it only the only Sunni revolution? The Answer is ‘No.’ Maliki’s injustice is everyones reality even the neighboring countries, and specifically the Syrians. There is sectarianism in Bahrain. What is happening in Iraq is a repressive regime, similar to Saddam Hussein, with a lack of potential that wants to monopolize the whole country, destroy social components within its own political system, all of with the blessing of the United States, who stays silent with indifference and apathy. It does, however, have Iranian support from Mesopotamia to the theater regime of the Mullahs.
Iraq’s political system stands on the head of wanting to control everything, and marginalize all, as did Saddam, without any consideration of modern history, or the Iraqi entity.

Therefore, it is important, even if spoken in Iraq alone, what happens there is not Sunni, but what we are seeing is a revolution for failed political systems that have not reconciled and did not stop the unrooting, did not take dialogue seriously, all system components collided with one another, exposing the Iraqi fabric, which brought the case of what is today in the land of two rivers. Now we find Maliki in the eye of the storm, the next worst, of course, as long as the most important for Maliki’s Government, is the provision of not maintaining the Iraqi entity as a whole.


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